2016 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Jan 19, 2016

Although all home remodeling trends change, it is vital that you keep up-to-date especially if you plan on selling your home. This is because the kitchen is the heart of the home plus it is the number one selling point. Even realtors feel that without a modern design in the kitchen, a house can be difficult to sell.

Fortunately, most experts agree that the 2016 kitchen cabinet trends are very similar to last year’s styles. However, there are a few changes and additions to the current designs.

Tailored Cabinets

Today many homeowners are opting for specialized cabinets that fit their various needs and lifestyle. Many of the tailored cabinets include personalized colors, style and functionality. For example, kitchen cabinets can consist of wine racks, a pullout cutting board, a spice cabinet, a cutlery cabinet and much more. Also, kitchen cabinets can be stylized to fit your needs such as taller cabinets for lofty people and the perfect height for homeowners who are shorter in stature.

Unsophisticated Lines and Refinement

Today’s kitchen cabinet trends include unsophisticated clean lines and simple designs. For clean lines, door styles are simple and not fancy or lavish. As well, there is minimal detail in the wood by keeping simple clean lines and avoiding contours. From a buyer’s perspective, a clean line ensures flexibility when the design is kept modest. Even the cabinet knobs are elegant and subtle.


The 2016 kitchen cabinet trends include functionality along with stylized design. No longer is the beauty and style compromised when functionality is added. In truth, todays kitchen cabinets are better organized, have great access and have a lot more storage area.

In addition, the modern kitchen takes advantage of every inch of space so that you have extra storage. All corners are utilized plus the space above and below your cabinets are never disused.

When adding functionality to your kitchen, you have several options:

  • Install pullout shelving
  • Utilize corner cabinets with a Lazy Susan
  • Add extra drawers above the upper cabinets
  • Put in a toe-kick drawer beneath your lower cabinets

Color Scheme

The prevalent color scheme for 2016 is similar to the clean line look - unpretentious and simple. The most popular colors are white, grey and neutral. With utilizing neutral colors and earth tones, many design elements blend in perfectly. Also, the popular neutral colors offer warmth plus more freedom in design to splash bold colors where desired.

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