5 Immediate Signs that Call for a Full Bathroom Renovation

March 30, 2018

You may be considering undertaking a complete bathroom renovation, but have not gotten farther than the initial planning stages. Many homeowners delay these home improvement projects until they are absolutely necessary to avoid inconvenience to the daily lives of everyone in their household. Depending on the number of baths your home design includes, it can be a major nuisance to renovate a home bathroom amidst busy family life. If you only really need a few minor cosmetic or convenience alterations or additions to your current bath, then you may want to wait until some major remodeling needs to be done. However, it is very important to realize the signs that it is time to get started on a home bathroom makeover,

Five Immediate Signs that Call for a Full Bathroom Renovation

If you see such major indications as the following signs, you can be certain that it is truly time for a full bathroom renovation:

  1. Leaks in Tile Grouting. - If you see water leaking through cracks or open spaces in the grouting supporting your bathroom shower or wall tiling, it is time to start major bathroom renovations. It is highly possible that these small, but persistent water leaks are signs of a major water leak that can be eliminated during renovation. If left alone, this leak may become serious, damaging the interior wall structure of the room as it spreads.
  2. Broken Floor Tiling. - When you first see broken floor tiles in your bathroom, you may decide to patch the broken section or replace it with an extra tile. However, unless you are skilled at home improvement and re-tiling work, you may find it difficult to patch the break evenly, especially if only a piece of a tile is missing or broken. Members of your household may trip on the uneven tiling and fall, which can lead to injuries that can be avoided with professional flooring renovations work.
  3. Falling Ceiling Plaster. - When you discover falling ceiling plaster in your bath, you may think it is just due to an occasional build-up of moisture from use of the shower or water-jet spa tub. However, it may be a warning of a weakening ceiling section that may fall and do damage to your bathroom furnishings or to household members. It may be best to get a safety appraisal from a home building and renovations expert to make sure your bath ceiling is still secure and stop any possible water leak.
  4. Soft Spots in Plaster Walls. - If you find soft spots in your bathroom's plaster walls, it is definitely time for an inspection by a quality home renovating expert. Such weak spots usually indicate moisture leakage in the walls, which could lead to more serious damage and extensive renovations if left along.
  5. Crumbling Wall Paint and Plasterboard. - Crumbling wall paint and deterioration of the underlying plasterboard may be signs of water accumulation deeper in the walls of your bath. It is always best to schedule an inspection by a building expert to determine the degree of seriousness of this problem and when it should be repaired.

By contacting the excellent home designers, construction experts and renovators at DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria, you will benefit from prompt, accurate assessments and advice concerning the possible need for immediate renovations for a bathroom in your home. This fine team of experienced professionals will provide an accurate evaluation of any problems and deterioration related to the structure and furnishings of your bath and recommend any repair work that should begin right away.

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