Advantages of Custom Cabinets for Kitchen and Bathroom Redesign

November 20, 2015

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom redesign, you need to pay specific attention to the cabinets you choose. Although there are various reasons why people renovate, the most common motives are to increase the value of your home. Therefore, it is imperative that you select the right type of cabinets.

In addition, cabinets are the focal point of a room, especially the kitchen. Cabinets are the first thing noticed when you walk into the room. They set the mood and standards of the area. In essence, cabinets are the kitchen and bathrooms furniture. Likewise, they should be built to last with a design that embodies the character of the home and its owner.

Stock Cabinetry vs Custom

Compared to custom made, commercially made cabinets may be less expensive. Conversely, by no means are they a better value. When you add up all the advantages, custom cabinets far outnumber stock cabinets in many areas.

Utilizing Space

When redesigning a home, it is important to take the best advantage of space. Customised cabinets allow you to utilize every inch of space possible. Unlike stock cabinets that have standard dimensions, custom made cabinets are made to fit. They are built to the available size and style of your kitchen and bathroom.

Preference of Wood

Customised cabinets allow you to select the type of wood (or other material) you desire for your cabinets. Contrasting to stock cabinets largely made with poor quality materials, customised cabinets offer preferred high quality that last for years. In addition, you can even choose the perfect wood finish color to match your d├ęcor.

Keeps Things Organised

One of the biggest obstacles in a kitchen and bathroom redesign is trying to come up with the ideal arrangement for your lifestyle. Custom cabinets allow a multitude of options for organizing. For example, your kitchen can be stylized to fit your cooking needs like a cutlery cabinet, pullout cutting boards or specialized lazy Susan. Additionally, customised cabinets give you easy access plus optimum storage.

Stress-Free Installation

With custom kitchen and bathroom cabinets, your contractor does all the construction and installation for you. Plus a professional team will use utmost attention to detail so your redesign vision is attained. With stock cabinets, you have to assemble and install the cabinets yourself. And to add to the frustration, sometimes there are missing parts like screws and panels.

Built to Last

Dissimilar to stock cabinets that are made with particle board, custom cabinetry is crafted with premium wood. As well, manufactured cabinets are screwed, nailed or glued together. Custom made cabinets have built-in joints that come together seamlessly. Likewise, customised cabinets are not made on an assembly line but are crafted built by hand.

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