Appliance Cabinet Ideas that Work

February 28, 2018

The ideal contemporary home kitchen design will skillfully balance the need for adequate storage space with attractive, updated design and decor features. Kitchen cabinets are always a major focus when planning renovations, and kitchen interiors today must include enough storage space for an ever-increasing array of portable kitchen appliances and accessories.

Aside from the usual spatial requirements for storing dried or canned foods, dinnerware, cooking utensils, pots, pans and crockery, every home kitchen now needs additional cabinetry or cupboards for placing these essential mini-appliances when not in immediate use. With the help of an experienced, professional home builder or renovations team, you can create your updated kitchen environment with fashionable decor plus plenty of space to keep all small yet essential appliances.

Select Stylish and Practical Appliance Cabinet Ideas that Work

By choosing kitchen cabinet designs that combine stylish lines, pleasing dimensions, beautiful materials and attractive finishes with practical and easy to access storage space, you will successfully balance your need for adequate storage room with the aesthetics of sleek, appealing modern decor. Stylish and practical appliance cabinetry designs that can accomplish both of these goals include the following:

  • Convenient Corner Drawers. - Kitchen cabinets that are constructed as conveniently placed corner drawer designs can accommodate many smaller culinary appliances and accessories. These drawer-cupboards make it easy to access and store these necessary food preparation aids quickly, whenever needed. These sliding cabinet-drawers can be custom-sized to fit small appliances of different sizes to satisfy your storage preferences and needs.
  • Mobile Microwave Shelf. - An easily movable shelf for use and storage of your microwave oven can be a great help to smooth operations in any home kitchen. This mobile platform can be built to extend outward and up or down from an attractive wall-mounted cabinet of any height you choose. This enables you to have full use of this culinary prepping necessity during food preparations. When no longer needed, you can easily guide the moving storage shelf back into its attractive storage cabinet, freeing up space on your benchtop or adjoining counter space.
  • Hidden Swing-Out Panels. - These hideaway panels pull or swing open to reveal storage space for frequently used kitchen items in front of your sink. This is a handy place to keep hand-held electric mixer or blender blades, whisks and other mini-accessories.

When you consult the experienced home design experts at DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria, you will benefit from the excellent advice, designs, construction, and installation services provided by this outstanding team. With their guidance and assistance, you will acquire the ideal home kitchen interior and cooking environment of your dreams.

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