Best Cabinet Ideas for Laundry Rooms

July 27, 2017

Modern laundry rooms are always in need of good storage cabinets for detergents, water softening agents, clothes hampers, utility gloves and countless other items that are useful when doing the laundry. No matter how many cabinets your laundry area now has and how large they are, you always seem to be in need of more storage space. Most updated laundry rooms have spacious overhead and free-standing cabinets to provide extra room for those hard-to-store items needed for use in running loads of laundry or cleaning and maintaining this important and often busy room in your home. However, due to the large and steady amounts of moisture circulated in the air in this area, many cabinet styles may warp, crack or otherwise deteriorate rapidly, leaving you in need of new, updated cabinet designs for your laundry room.

Popular Types of Laundry Room Cabinetry Today

The most frequently used types of laundry room cabinets today in updated modern home interiors include the following cabinetry varieties:

  • Hardwood, Nonporous Cabinets. - Attractive cabinets constructed of nonporous hardwoods are often used in laundry rooms. Especially when these cabinets have durable finishes applied in several layers, they will withstand the moisture-laden aid and steam common to most busy laundry room interiors. Even laundry and utility rooms with an abundance of windows and/or good ventilation for improved air circulation are subject to overly humid interior atmospheric conditions on a regular basis. For this reason, all built-in furnishings like overhead cabinets must be designed and constructed to resist wear-and-tear from damp, moist air and condensed steam accumulations on surfaces.
  • Laminate Cabinetry. - Laminate cabinets in frequently used home laundry rooms are practical and functional on a long-term basis due to their strong, laminated surfaces that are completely moisture proof and durable. These sturdy yet relatively lightweight and streamlined cabinet designs will not warp, crack or deteriorate due to high moisture counts in the air or condensed steam buildup on their surfaces. Their colors will not streak or fade, and many modern designs are modular in structure with molded, single-piece interiors without separate sides that may separate or weaken in overall construction over time. Laminate cabinets are most likely the least expensive type you can purchase, which also makes them attractive for use in home utility areas.
  • Thermo Formed Vinyl Cabinets. - These durable vinyl cabinets are created with surfaces that are formed by a combined heat and vacuum method, making their surfaces impenetrable and long-lasting. Their seamless, sealed edges reinforce their durability for heavy-duty use on a regular basis. These cabinet designs offer opportunities for use of decorative paneling and patterned surface areas, although, if they are custom-made, these decorative features will slow down the installation somewhat. Although popular and attractive, these cabinets are significantly more expensive than laminate cabinets for your laundry room update.

For expert cabinetry materials and designs, contact DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria today. This excellent group of cabinet designers, builders and installers will work closely with you to plan, construct and install cabinets that meet your every expectation, preference and need for ideal home laundry room cabinetry that will enhance your home's utility areas for many years ahead.

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