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Small and Simple Granny Flat Kitchen Ideas

December 11, 2017

Granny flats, previously known as "mother-in-law flats," now house grandparents, students, young working people and other relatives or boarders. Also called "accessory flats" or "in-law apartments," these granny suites may be completely separate from the main house on a residential property or attached to the main home…

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Wardrobes for Children: Design Elements That Makes Kids Happy

December 4, 2017

An attractive and practical children's wardrobe constructed of sturdy Red Oak or Victorian Ash will add colour and style to your child's room while providing a neat, organized place for keeping clothing, shoes and the usual overflow of books and toys. Aside from being a substantial, durable and useful piece of furniture, you child's wardrobe can help define and brighten the overall decor of his or her bedroom…

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Why are Double Bathroom Vanities Becoming So Popular?

November 15, 2017

Since homeowners consider bathrooms more than just functional rooms today, they contain many features unheard of in years past, such as double bathroom vanities. Vanities of this design contain two separate sinks, storage areas and twice the mirror space of single bathroom vanities…

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Benefits of Using Recycled Timber Kitchen Designs

November 6, 2017

Regardless of the kitchen decor style you choose during your home renovation or update, one of the primary materials selected will probably be recycled timber. Although many materials gain and lose popularity for use in kitchen interiors according to the ever-changing design and decorating trends today, timber is a frequent choice…

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Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Ideas: Customise to Organise

October 23, 2017

Although they are often tucked away behind closed doors that lead from your kitchen to the adjoining pantry, well designed and organised pantry cabinets are essential to the smooth, effective food preparation and cooking activities of a busy home kitchen…

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The Rewards of Custom Joinery in Home and Office Renovations

October 9, 2017

When you turn to custom joinery for your home or office renovations, you reap certain benefits. One, this is the only way to achieve truly unique results that you will not see in other homes or businesses in your area. Also, customised work lasts longer than stock options do since the professionals take extra care with the every detail…

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Home Renovations: Maximising your Kitchen Space

September 27, 2017

The kitchen is among the most important areas of any household, if not considerably one of the foundations that make a house a home as no home would be able to function without an area to prepare meals. Unfortunately, at the same time, the kitchen is one of the most common problem-areas of any household for two very prevalent reasons: the homeowners don’t cook, or, if they do, then the kitchen is built too small or too large for comfort…

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old cabinets

Ways to Update and Revive Old Kitchen Cabinets

September 15, 2017

Every kitchen remodel does not call for replacing the cabinetry. At times, you can update and revive old kitchen cabinets since they are still structurally sound. Today, there are a number of different ways to go about this. The ways vary from paint to replacing the doors, and any of them are less expensive than purchasing replacement cabinets. We cover a wide range of ideas below to help you accomplish this goal…

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Beware of Common Home Renovation Mistakes and How to Spot Them

August 25, 2017

Home-remodeling projects are ideal for updating a house to provide additional amenities or space. Homeowners often run into problems, though, by making various home renovation mistakes that cause less than favourable results. If you have a project in mind for your home, you may want to read our list of mistakes before you proceed to avoid dissatisfaction…

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bathroom renovation

Keeping it Simple: Avoid Costly Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

August 15, 2017

When planning home renovations, many people give the bathroom the least amount of thought, thinking that it requires the easiest and least complicated efforts for refurbishing. Most homeowners assume that by installing new bath fixtures and updating wall or floor tiling, they will have an attractive new room that costs little to renovate…

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laundry cabinet

Best Cabinet Ideas for Laundry Rooms

July 27, 2017

Modern laundry rooms are always in need of good storage cabinets for detergents, water softening agents, clothes hampers, utility gloves and countless other items that are useful when doing the laundry. No matter how many cabinets your laundry area now has and how large they are, you always seem to be in need of more storage space…

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red light

Choosing the Best Kitchen Colours and Lighting to Create the Right Mood

July 19, 2017

With all the time that you and your family spend in the kitchen, you should be certain to select the best colours and lighting to set the mood that suits your lifestyle and home in the ideal manner. After all, you can darken, brighten or even provide the illusion of space with colours…

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dark theme

Light or Dark Granite Countertop? Choosing the Right Match for Your Kitchen Cabinets

June 30, 2017

Since granite is available in numerous colours today for use in countertops, homeowners find it a daunting task to select the right shade for their countertops. If you go too dark, the granite can overwhelm the room, but if you go too light, the countertops may not be as noticeable as they should be in the room…

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dark theme

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Finishes: Tips in Choosing the Right Hues to Match Your Walls

June 20, 2017

If you are in the midst of a kitchen construction or remodel, one decision you will need to make is the colour of your cabinetry for this room. While there are numerous shades available today in both stain and paint, you may prefer the dark kitchen cabinet finishes like many of the other homeowners do today…

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Modular Cabinets and Custom Made Cabinets: What are the Differences?

May 26, 2017

When you are planning to renovate your kitchen with attractive new cabinet designs for a fresh, updated look and ambiance, there are some major questions to consider and answer before beginning this important project…

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Small Spaced Laundry Room Design Ideas

May 11, 2017

Having a small spaced laundry room is a common issue for many people. And if you are unable to renovate or make structural changes, rest assured that you do have options to make it a workable space. If you are in the position of renovating or building your current home, you should definitely think about what you want within the laundry area. …

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Kitchen Splashback Materials: What Are Your Options?

April 28, 2017

Today, no kitchen is complete without some type of splashback material on the wall above the counters and stove to protect it from food splatters and greasy, cooking residue. With so many types of splashbacks, though, it is a confusing choice for many homeowners to make on which one is right for their specific kitchen. For this reason, we list a number of the materials available in Australia at present for this kitchen necessity in the information that follows…

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red kitchen

Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Materials for Kitchen Designs

April 20, 2017

One of the most important elements of kitchen design is the flooring. A beautiful floor in your kitchen can make or break the quality and success of your overall decor statement. By taking the time and care to select a flooring material and surface that best complements and enhances the design of the entire kitchen interior, you can achieve spectacular and lasting success in kitchen renovations…

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small kitchen

Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Colours for Small Kitchens

March 29, 2017

If you're living with a tiny kitchen and want to make it look bigger, rest assured that it is possible to create the illusion of space. It is actually also possible to create some smart storage solutions that can increase the overall functionality. That's a win-win situation…

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free standing

Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets: A Good Choice for Your Bathroom

March 7, 2017

Freestanding bathroom cabinets are available in many different designs today to meet your personal preferences and needs for a pleasing and practical bathroom interior. These varied styles include double vanities with two spacious cabinets or single vanities with center-door cabinets and open bottom shelf space…

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wooden cabinet

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring Custom Cabinet Experts

February 22, 2017

There are no shortages of carpenters available that can install pre-fabricated cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom during a home renovation project. However, custom cabinets are another option that most homeowners don’t consider, at first…

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Recommendations for Ideal Dream Kitchen Designs That Fit Your Budget

February 10, 2017

Your ideal dream kitchen must fulfill all your preferences, needs and whims in order to qualify as a truly successful design. By engaging the services of expert interior planners and designers, you can realise your most treasured culinary decor desires and fantasies…

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Things You Should Know About Kitchen Laminate: What Are the Pros and Cons?

January 30, 2017

When you hear the term 'kitchen laminate' used in conjunction with benchtops, you may consider this an outdated material for such an application. The truth is that homeowners have a wide assortment of colours and patterns from which to select today in this category of benchtops…

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Five Essential Tips in Designing Your Small Laundry Space

January 10, 2017

Designing the ideal layout and features of a small laundry space is tricky at times since you have a limited area to work with for installing all of the necessities. To ensure that the design process proceeds smoothly, consider the following essential tips to receive the most out of this space…

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