Granite vs. Quartz: Know Which is Better for Your Kitchen Countertop

January 31, 2020

Your kitchen is perhaps the most essential place in your home since it is the place where we usually prepare and cook our meals for our families. So, renovating it every once in awhile motivates us to experiment and explore other cuisines just to satisfy the cravings of our family members. Making sure that our kitchen is clean and eye-catching is a must because even our friends and neighbours would look at our kitchen first as it somehow summarizes the way we do things around the house.

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Common Bathroom Lighting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

January 14, 2020

Lighting has been one of the most essential elements when it comes to home design and layout. Poor lighting can already affect the whole vibe and feel of your home. This kind of condition will certainly connote mixed reception from your visitors and even your household members. Good lighting, on the other hand, enhances the best features of a room.

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