Carpentry Experts in Geelong: Why DM Cabinet Makers are the Best

April 30, 2018

When it comes to ordering custom cabinetry, you need to search out reputable carpentry experts in Geelong in order to receive durable, eye-catching and quality workmanship and materials. This holds true whether your project involves a kitchen, a laundry, a bathroom, wardrobe or an entertainment centre. We are here to tell you that you need to seek no further than our company, DM Cabinets to find this calibre of carpentry skills. Our company has a long reputation of delivering the ideal results with each and every project that we perform for our clients for one thing. Read on to find out more about why we say our company is the best for your carpentry needs.

About Our Owner and Company

The reason that we have built such a reliable reputation as carpentry experts in Geelong is our owner, Dave Moore. He has 18 years’ experience in commercial and residential cabinet making in both an employee role and as a business owner and operator. It is his leadership that has made DM Cabinets the success it is today. Also, our faithful staff members help to carry out the commitment for excellence that Dave has based this business on over the years. Our mission is to create, construct and install your dream project, according to our offerings, by combining our superior skills, and quality products and materials with your ideas and plans.

Carpentry Services That DM Cabinets Provides

Kitchens – We understand you need a fully functional kitchen that suits your requirements to perfection. For this reason, we listen to all of your ideas, needs and preferences before we create and install your kitchen for you.

Laundries – With our help, you laundry room will be highly organised with durable, well-built, quality cabinetry that fits your space in a favourable manner.

Bathrooms – DM Cabinetry will create you an oasis instead of a simple bathroom. We will include the latest in bathroom products, contemporary vanities and complementary accessories.

Wardrobes - A wardrobe can either provide adequate, organised storage or be a cluttered mess. With our knowledge and skills, we will provide the first type of wardrobe, whether you want a built-in one or as walk-in version. Many configurations are possible.

Entertainment Centres – Thanks to today’s home theaters or other forms of entertainment, most houses require special shelving units to contain all the necessary electronics in a fashionable way. This is another area that we specialise in, and will customise an entertainment centre that suits your unique needs and preferences.

For further information about why DM cabinet makers are the best carpentry experts in Geelong, contact us at your convenience. Also, we will schedule a meeting with you for a free measure and quote session upon your request.

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