Child-Friendly Bathroom Vanity Designs You Must Consider

February 26, 2019

While the master bathroom is set up to serve the needs of the parents, the kids’ bathroom should be child-friendly in design, especially the vanity. After all, if the vanity is designed only with adults in mind, the children may find it difficult to use it and avoid the simplest of grooming tasks. However, when you install a child-friendly bathroom vanity for your kids’ bathroom, your children will delight in using this room whenever they need to for grooming. To help you plan your kid-friendly vanity, we provide you will the following ideas.

Lower the Height of the Vanity

Young children have difficulty seeing in the mirror with an adult vanity. You can install a lower vanity than normal if you customise it. At the very least, you should place a step stool in front of the sink area if the bathroom has different ages of children using it.

Towel Rings or Pegs Next to the Vanity Are Easy for Kids to Use

Hang towel pegs or rings next to the vanity since they are easier for children to use than towel racks are for washcloths and towels. Also, the pegs are ideal for the kids to place their robes on during a shower or bath.

Thermostatic Faucets Will Prevent the Water from Getting too Hot for Children

To keep the water from reaching too hot of temperatures for the tender skin of children, you should install thermostatic faucets at the sink or sinks. These faucets are specially designed to prevent the water temperature from becoming hot enough to scald the skin.

Choose a Double-Sink Vanity When Two or More Children Use the Same Bathroom

In the event that two or more kids will be using the same bathroom, you might consider installing a double-sink vanity when space allows for it. By doing so, you will eliminate kids fighting over their turn at the sink.

Decorate the Mirrors with Animal or Other Kid-Friendly Pics

An additional kid-friendly element to add to the vanity area are fun pics of animals, superheroes or another favourite children’s theme on or around the mirrors. They will make the kids laugh while they are brushing their teeth, washing their hands or combing their hair.

The Vanity Countertop Should Be Durable and Easy to Maintain

Another feature that makes a vanity kid-friendly is a durable countertop that is easy to maintain. One of the most popular materials for this today is engineered quartz, but there are other possibilities as well.

For further information about child-friendly bathroom vanity designs that you must consider, contact DM Cabinets. We will design a bathroom vanity and/or an entire bathroom that your kids will delight in using.

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