Choosing the Best Kitchen Colours and Lighting to Create the Right Mood

July 19, 2017

With all the time that you and your family spend in the kitchen, you should be certain to select the best colours and lighting to set the mood that suits your lifestyle and home in the ideal manner. After all, you can darken, brighten or even provide the illusion of space with colours. Also, you need sufficient lighting for food prep, but this type of illumination may be too intense for dining with your family or guests. As a result, you should think about all the options with this important feature.

How Certain Colours Affect the Mood of the Kitchen

Decide whether you want an energizing, a cool, a relaxing, or a cheerful mood to your kitchen prior to selecting your colours for it. We say this as the shades you choose will determine one of these moods. Read some examples of this below:

  • Blue typically cools a room’s mood even in the kitchen. You can still use it, though, if it is the tone you wish to set for your kitchen. Shades of blue are ideal to complement stainless steel appliances in an attractive manner.
  • Soft green is relaxing as many experts will tell you. If your kitchen is where you free your body of the day’s stresses, consider this colour to adorn the walls or even the cabinetry.
  • Red energises the senses and creates a festive atmosphere. A perfect kitchen colour when you entertain a lot and have guests in and out of this room. In addition, it complements black, white, stainless steel and other appliance colours.
  • Yellow is bright and cheerful to bring a smile to your face each time that you enter into your kitchen. This colour goes well with all kitchens styles from modern to traditional when you select the right shade of it.

Types of Lighting to Install in the Kitchen

  • Install task lighting in strategic areas around the kitchen, such as over the stove and food prep areas. After all, you require sufficient illumination to see what you are doing whether you are cutting, chopping, stirring or mixing ingredients.
  • Overhead lighting for navigating purposes is a necessity since it is convenient when you enter the room from another one. While this needs to be a certain brightness, it should not be overwhelmingly so for your comfort.
  • To control light levels on the overhead lighting, install dimmer switches. Switches such as these help you create the ideal dining mood.

To learn further details about how to select the best kitchen colours and lighting to create the right mood in your kitchen, consult with the experts here at DM Cabinets. We will suggest the choices that are ideal for your intended goal.

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