Choosing the Right Wood for Your Custom Cabinets

October 7, 2016

When you order custom cabinets, you will need to make a number of different decisions including the type of wood that will suit your preference in the ideal manner. To ensure that you make the right choice, you need to consider the characteristics of each type of timber since these vary between the species. Characteristics will include the hardness and the way they accept stain and other finishes. We provide you with five examples of wood used in Australia for custom cabinetry below to educate you further on this topic.

1. Tasmanian oak is a hardwood that comes from three species of trees, namely Eucalyptus obliqua, Eucalyptus regnans and Eucalyptus delegatensis. It varies in colour from straw to reddish brown. This type of timber stains well to produce an attractive finish that highlights its unique grain pattern.

2. Spotted gum is another hardwood commonly used in custom joinery projects such as cabinets. Cabinet makers revere this wood for its attractive markings, varied colour palette and intriguing grain structure along with its durability and fire-resistant nature.

3. Jarrah is a versatile hardwood that grows in certain parts of Australia. Since it is strong and durable, it is versatile for a number of joinery applications from outdoor ones to custom cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom. The colours of jarrah range from pale yellow as sapwood to browns and reds as heartwood.

4. Birch is a highly durable timber that can take on the appearance of other woods, such as cherry since it holds stain in an ideal manner. For this reason, it is often the affordable choice for those homeowners on a tight budget.

5. Walnut provides a dramatic appearance to your cabinets with its dark colours that range from light greyish-red brown to dark chocolate. Its grain is fine, straight and smooth and provides an elegance to cabinetry.

6. Cherry wood varies from white to deep brown in colour with unique red undertones. With its fine grain, this wood provides an attractive richness to cabinets when professionals apply a clear stain to it. You can also choose to deepen its natural colour by selecting a dark red for the stain.

Contact DM Cabinets for further guidance in selecting the right wood for your custom cabinets. We are expert cabinetmakers for the both commercial and residential properties. Our company guarantees to deliver quality results and customer service each time that you turn to us for your specific cabinetry needs.

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