Common Bathroom Lighting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

January 14, 2020

Lighting has been one of the most essential elements when it comes to home design and layout. Poor lighting can already affect the whole vibe and feel of your home. This kind of condition will certainly connote mixed reception from your visitors and even your household members. Good lighting, on the other hand, enhances the best features of a room. 

One area that people tend to miss the importance of lighting is the bathroom. People just overlook and forget giving the bathroom a sense of style since they don’t usually spend a lot of time there. People would usually stay in the living room or bedroom to do their own thing. 

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, then this is the best time for you to modify its lighting. As a start, here are some common lighting mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Underlighting the Bathroom

One of the most dominant mistakes that people do is to not provide enough lighting on the bathroom. While the bathroom is only used when people want to shower or take a short break, it is still important for that room to be well-lit. Adequate lighting in the bathroom helps you see things around more accurately. Without proper lighting, there will be dark spots in your ceiling and an unusual overall contrast in your bathroom, which is not a very good thing to have. 

Installing Lighting Unevenly

In connection with underlighting, another mistake that some homeowners commit is the uneven lighting around the bathroom. This condition happens when the lights of a bathroom generate different levels of brightness across the room. Just like underlighting, uneven lighting can be an eyesore to the people who will be using the bathroom. One common situation under this mistake is when homeowners add vanity lights to the bathroom. Once this specific light is turned on, it creates an overwhelming effect on the whole lighting and functionality of the bathroom.

Placing Mirror under Harsh Lighting

Installing some lights above your mirror can be a good choice of design. People place lights above the mirror so that when they groom themselves like applying makeup or shaving facial hair, they can see their faces as they go on. But with harsh lighting, it will certainly cast some shadows under your eyes, nose, and mouth and beam extreme amount of light on your forehead. This lighting can be a problem since you don’t see the natural condition of your face without any artificial lighting. You may have applied too much makeup or may have even left some parts of your face unshaven. Just the correct amount of lighting is enough to make your mirror effective and efficient.

Removing Lighting at Certain Areas

From installing uneven lighting to generating harsh lighting, another mistake that people usually do is to remove some lights completely at certain areas. Areas on which the tub or shower is located are usually subject to the removal of adequate lighting. The reason behind this is that people believe lights on these areas can get damaged by moisture. This belief might be true, but you are neglecting your safety by not providing lighting to areas that are always slippery. A solution for this issue is to look for a finish that can protect your lighting and fixtures from moisture damage. Avoid materials such as brass and bronze that corrode easily. You must also not use fabric covers since they are not susceptible to wet conditions.  

If you want to know more about optimal lighting conditions for your bathroom, contact us now at DM Cabinets. We know how to create the best look for your bathroom, giving you a lot of options to apply for your bathroom and even other parts of your home.

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