Custom Kitchen Design for Your Dream Kitchen: Why Should You Pay Attention to Detail?

April 13, 2016

Creating a room that is both striking and functional is the key to any successful custom kitchen design. Plus maximising counter and living space is an essential for the ultimate dream kitchen. Attention to detail is also a must.

All these factors included ensues a kitchen that makes the perfect working space, creates the ideal living area for a culinary lifestyle and highly accommodates all your loved ones. And whether you are a novice or culinary expert, you will relish in the fine detail of your dream kitchen.

The Art of Fine Detail

Great custom cabinetry is more than just first-class design and materials. Outstanding custom cabinetry also includes the art of fine detail. The artistic detail includes a variety of craftsmanship from decorative and long-lasting hardware to defined dovetailing. In truth, when a cabinet maker pays strict attention to detail the finished product is both functional and exceptionally stunning.

Certain Cabinetry Details

If you want your kitchen stand out from all the rest, look no further than custom cabinetry. And when it comes to an even more spectacular look with a custom kitchen design, add a few details:

Corbels – When you add corbels as a focal point, your kitchen goes from meek to majestic. Corbels are decorative pieces that can be a central point or an accents for certain features. The finest corbels are hand crafted from wood. Less expensive options are precast foam models that are painted (not stained).

Decorative supports – In the past, supports were essential yet they were forgotten when no longer needed. Today, decorative supports add a nice artful highlight to upper cabinets. Avoid anything taller than 12 inches, simple accents are best.

Aprons – The apron is a piece of wood that is placed around and underneath the countertop overhang. Standard height is 3 inches, leaving plenty of room for your legs under the island countertop.

Legs – One of the most popular details in a kitchen are legs on a center island. As well, matching legs can be added to the countertops where it carries out.

Feet – Adding decorative feet to the bottom of cabinets is quite trendy. You can add feet to one particular piece as a focal point or add feet to every cabinet for a unified look. The feet are simple and are easily fitted, generally fastened under the toe kick.

Toe Kicks – Today, many contemporary kitchens have furniture toe kicks. The toe kick can be seen on the edge of a gorgeous island. It can also allow the cabinetry to look like a piece of self-supporting furniture. Recommended space for a toe kick is 4 1/2 inches to where the cabinet meets the floor. That way your feet are comfortable when you work close to the counter.

End Panels – A decorative end panel is ideal when a cabinetry stops without butting into a wall. Generally it is best to add the same style end panels as the cabinetry doors.

Valences - The perfect addition that can cover up ugly electrical outlets and wires. Valences can also be placed over the desk area to cover the under cabinet lighting. As well, a valence on the range can cover an exhaust fan. And since they come in various shapes and sizes, you can use them in most any décor.

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