Customised Antique-Style Cabinets

November 3, 2016

When you explore the options available today in cabinets for the home, you need to consider the merits of customised antique-style cabinets. Not only can you recapture the feel of a bygone era with these elements, but you also will gain highly functional, durable storage places for your kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in your house. On top of all this, you can select the materials and finishes that suit your preference and home decor. Most antique styles are elegant and contain ornamentation fitting to their time era, but there are certain ones that are simplistic in nature depending upon your preference. When joinery experts replicate these styles with new cabinetry, they pay homage to the skilled craftsmen that came before them.

Recapture the Beauty of a Bygone Era

One of the primary reasons to consider installing custom antique-inspired cabinetry in your home is the fact that you will recapture the feel and beauty of a bygone era of craftsmanship. For just two examples, you may prefer the style of the feminine lines of the Queen Anne style or possibly the simplicity of the Art Deco style. Today, expert joiners can replicate these antique styles and others in precise details befitting their eras.

Design the Cabinets to Suit Your Exact Specifications

Another advantage with this style of cabinetry is that you can design the configuration of it to suit your specific requirements and measurements. This will maximise the functionality of the cabinets and ensure that they fit in a precise manner. Standard cabinetry does not always install in as accurate of a manner.

Select the Materials and Finishes That Suit Your Preferences

When you order customised antique-style cabinets, you can choose the materials and finishes that suit your preferences. Tasmanian oak, walnut or cherry timber are just three examples of the types of timber that make for durable cabinets to replicate the time era of your choice. While stains will protect the timber in an appropriate manner for certain antique time eras, paint colours may fit the era that you select. It all depends on what is reminiscent of the era that you are trying to replicate. In addition, custom cabinetry lasts longer than stock cabinetry does since you will select only quality materials and finishes instead of settling for lesser quality ones.

Add Uniqueness to Your Home

Stand out from the other homes in your neighbourhood or area by selecting custom antique-inspired cabinetry for your house. By doing this, you even may increase the value of your house.

To learn if customised antique-style cabinets are right for your home, consult with our experts here at DM Cabinets. We offer all the necessary services to design, create and install quality cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, wardrobes and other areas of your home.

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