Customised Pantry Cabinets for Kids

October 21, 2016

Today, children along with their parents enjoy creating scrumptious dishes in the kitchen. The problem is that this room is not always set up in an ideal manner for the kids to reach in an easy manner. Through a renovation or remodel, you can install customised pantry cabinets for kids to create a children-friendly work area in this room. Homeowners over the years have accomplished this task in a number of ways, including the ones we share in the following details.

Transform a Lower Cabinet into a Kids' Pantry

You can turn one of your lower cabinets into a kids' pantry to allow easy access to cooking or baking supplies or even equipment quickly. While this may work temporarily, as the children gain experience, though, you may need to turn other options.

Allot the Bottom Shelves of Your Regular Pantry for Your Children

Another immediate action that you can take to provide your budding chefs with their own kitchen storage areas is to allot them the lower shelves of your walk-in or tall-cabinet pantry. Even leave off the doors if you so desire on either version of these pantries.

Install Customised Pantry Cabinets That Are Child-Height

Although, the above two suggestions are viable options for a kids pantry, the ideal choice is to install custom-made pantry cabinets in your kitchen that include all children-friendly features. You can order these cabinets in the same materials and finishes as your other cabinetry to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing in your kitchen.

Add Child-Friendly Sink and Prep Areas

Along with the customised cabinetry for a pantry for your kids, you should consider installing child-friendly prep and sink areas when space allows for these additions. A countertop on the kid-sized cabinetry provides adequate prep space for the children to chop vegetables or cut up meat. Another inclusion is a sink in one of the countertops to let the children wash the produce, meat and their hands in an easy and safe manner. Just order all these elements in the kitchen's current style, finishes and materials as we mentioned earlier to ensure the ambiance of the room stays attractive as well as functional.

When you are in search of customised pantry cabinets for kids, come to DM Cabinets. We offer design services to assist you with the planning stage along with construction and installation services to bring your project to fruition according to your ideas and specifications. Our experts will deliver only quality, children-friendly cabinetry to enable your entire family to participate in cooking and baking activities in your kitchen in a pleasant, easy, safe and attractive manner.

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