Dark Kitchen Cabinet Finishes: Tips in Choosing the Right Hues to Match Your Walls

June 20, 2017

If you are in the midst of a kitchen construction or remodel, one decision you will need to make is the colour of your cabinetry for this room. While there are numerous shades available today in both stain and paint, you may prefer the dark kitchen cabinet finishes like many of the other homeowners do today. Dark finishes provide a different personality to a kitchen than light colours do in all cases. White and pastels may look light and airy, but they also show dirt constantly throughout the year. You may be in a quandary, though, over which dark shade to select to complement your wall colours in the best fashion. Refer to the following tips to clear your confusion.

1. Consider Your Wall Colour

Before you can proceed with selecting the dark finish for your cabinetry, you must consider the wall colour. After all, if you choose a shade of blue or gray for your walls, brown tones may not be the best choice for your cabinets. Instead, you may need to select a gray, blue or black tone of finish. On the other hand, if your walls of light or pastel shades, you can select all from a wider range of dark hues, but you will need to add in the other tips on this list before making your final choice.

2. Decide on Stain or Paint

Another decision you need to make with the dark kitchen cabinet finishes is whether you want to stain to allow the wood grain to show through or paint that will cover the grain. Either one is ideal for kitchens, but with stain, you receive the additional decor element of the pattern of the wood grain, which adds depth to your kitchen design.

3. Determine the Level of Darkness That Is Ideal

Along with the above two tips, you will need to decide on the darkness level that is suitable for your kitchen. For example, ebony may be too dark while a hunter green or dark walnut or brown may be ideal.

4. Coordinate With the Flooring and Benchtop Colours Along With the Wall Shades

Remember, you also will need to coordinate your dark cabinetry shades with your benchtops and flooring along with your wall colours. By doing so, you will tie all the elements together in an eye-catching fashion.

To learn further expert tips on how to select the right dark kitchen cabinet finishes, contact DM Cabinets. We will design a kitchen according to your exact specifications and requirements.

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