Essential Things to Think About When Customising Your Pantry Cabinets

December 7, 2016

No kitchen is ever complete without pantry cabinets of one design or another. Pantry cabinetry is for the purpose of storing all your dry and canned goods, salt, black pepper, spices, herbs, and flour and other baking supplies. When you customise this type of cabinetry to fit your own unique needs, you increase the functionality and organisation of your kitchen. Below, you will learn certain essential things to consider prior to installing custom cabinets in your kitchen for use as a pantry.

Fully Utilise Your Available Vertical Space

When designing a pantry area, remember to extend the cabinetry up to the ceiling to utilize your vertical space to the fullest extent. Whether you install one lower and one upper cabinet or one continuous cabinet, consider following this tip to receive the most from your pantry storage.

Select the Size of Pantry That Suits Your Kitchen

Plan as large of a pantry as your kitchen will permit. If your kitchen is limited in area, a narrow, tall cabinet will work for a pantry in an ideal manner as long as it contains an adequate number of shelves. When space is not an issue, increase the width of the cabinet to double what your other cabinets are to maximise your storage capabilities.

Decide on a Walk-In Pantry When Space Allows for One

You may choose to customise a closet in or next to the kitchen for use as a walk-in pantry in place of cabinets. When you have this available to you, add shelves along the back or the back and sides of the closet, depending upon its size. Another idea that is similar to this is to transform a hallway into a pantry by adding shelves on one side or both sides of it if it is wide enough for this option.

Combine a Workstation with a Pantry for Convenience

To hide your mixer and other baking gear, customise your pantry cabinetry by adding a workstation to it. By doing so, you can measure and mix in the pantry right next to where you store the ingredients. Once you finish, close the door and no one sees the baking gear in between uses.

Contact DM Cabinets to learn additional facts about customising your pantry cabinets to fit your needs and specifications. Our company specialises in creating quality kitchens and cabinetry here in the Geelong area of Australia. We guarantee that once we complete your project it will be exactly what you had in mind.

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