Five Essential Tips in Designing Your Small Laundry Space

January 10, 2017

Designing the ideal layout and features of a small laundry space is tricky at times since you have a limited area to work with for installing all of the necessities. To ensure that the design process proceeds smoothly, consider the following essential tips to receive the most out of this space.

1. Install a Benchtop over Front-Loading Machines

If your washer and dryer are front-loading models, install a benchtop a few inches above them to provide you with a place to sort and fold clothes. The benchtop can attach to the wall on each side or contain floor supports if necessary to ensure stability. Lightweight laminate is ideal for this purpose.

2. Fully Use the Available Vertical Space for Custom Cabinets or Shelves

Build up to the ceiling with custom cabinets or just before the ceiling with custom shelving. By doing so, you will reserve your floor space for your washer, dryer and clothes hamper or basket. In addition, the cabinets or shelving will supply plenty of storage space for your laundry supplies in order for you to keep clutter to a minimum.

3. Turn to Stackable Appliances to Conserve Floor Space

If necessary, turn to a stackable washer/dryer combination to conserve floor space. There are units that are two to three feet in width and about six feet in height that will fulfil your laundry needs without consuming too much of your available space.

4. Place a Sink in Between the Washer and Dryer for Hand Washables

Another useful tip is to place a sink in between the washer and dryer when they are separate units to help you with your hand washables. Instead of needing to wash these delicate clothes in another place in the house, you will be able to wash them in the same room with the other laundry.

5. Hire a Professional Contracting Company to Handle All Stages of Your Laundry-Room Project

Trust only a professional contracting company with your laundry-room project to receive optimal results. A company such as this typically provides all stages of the project ranging from design to installation services. Also, it will guide you in the ideal materials for your cabinetry and shelving, and for the products of your other inclusions.

To discover additional tips in designing your small laundry space, consult with DM Cabinets. We have a long history of satisfying clients with our professional, quality skills in design, construction and installation. We guarantee satisfactory results in a timely manner that will fulfil your needs in an ideal manner.

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