Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets: A Good Choice for Your Bathroom

March 7, 2017

Freestanding bathroom cabinets are available in many different designs today to meet your personal preferences and needs for a pleasing and practical bathroom interior. These varied styles include double vanities with two spacious cabinets or single vanities with center-door cabinets and open bottom shelf space. Other popular designs are the French style vanities with a double-door cabinet on the left front and three drawers to the right as well as customized, ornate hand-carved wooden vanities with artistic ceramic vessel sinks.

Advantages of Choosing Freestanding Cabinet Units for Your Bathroom Decor

By selecting attractive and practical freestanding cabinetry to enhance your bathroom's appearance and usability, you will enjoy the following advantages and benefits:

  • Less Static Bathroom Design - Even freestanding bathroom vanity cabinet designs that include single or double sinks give your bathroom a less fixed, permanent or unalterable appearance. As individual items of furniture, they provide a pleasing decor element to enhance the overall style of your bathroom interior.
  • Easy Relocation in your Bathroom. - Freestanding cabinets that are not vanity designs with sinks and fixed water pipe connections can be easily relocated to another area of your bathroom or bathroom suite. Especially cabinet units that have wheels can be moved with ease without straining your muscles.
  • Easy Mobility During Cleaning or Alternate Room Placement. - Freestanding cabinets without sinks can be moved easily when bathroom floors are cleaned or relocated to your laundry room when needed there. These versatile cabinets can even be placed in the nursery to supply extra storage space for use in caring for your infant or young child.
  • Lack of Permanent or Wallside Placement for Better Unit Maintenance. - With freestanding cabinet units without sinks in your bath, you can more easily maintain the cleanliness and luster of their finish. Especially if these units are made of wood, they will benefit from overall cleaning and polishing and will last longer, lending a well-kept and pleasing appearance to the room's decor. Even vanity cabinet units with sinks and water connections can be installed at varied distances from the bathroom wall, according to your preferences, for better maintenance.

Select Your Modern Bath Cabinets from Expert Home Furnishing Designers

When you seek the expert advice and workmanship provided by DM Cabinets of Geelong with main showrooms in Belmont, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice and assistance from expert bath decor designers, artisans and installers. Contact these home design experts today as the first step toward enjoying a modern bathroom interior that includes the best in freestanding cabinetry.

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