French Kitchen Cabinet Designs

November 16, 2016

If you wish to transform your kitchen into an elegant area to prep and consume delectable meals and snacks in, turn to the French kitchen cabinet designs. Designs such as these include natural materials and ornate features. Most of these cabinets are in natural wood finishes, antique-inspired or distressed in appearance. The result is a traditional style with a French flair and a lived-in look that easily blends with the rest of your home's decor. We provide you further details on this topic in the following facts.

French Cabinets Include Various Types of Timber

Kitchen cabinetry of the French design involves the inclusion of natural woods, such as certain types of Australian timber. Many leave the wood grain showing with just a stain finish either in clear or a transparent tint. Others choose a paint finish in cream, white, antique or distressed options.

Ornate Designs on Doors and Trim

The doors and trim of the French style of cabinets will contain ornate designs instead of being flat and plain as with the modern style of cabinetry. Crown moulding even enhances the upper part of the cabinets where they meet the ceiling. Baseboards also are elaborate in appearance.

Various Cabinet Configurations Are Possible

As with other styles of cabinets, various configurations are possible with ones in the French style. Combine drawers, stationary shelves, rotating shelves or other styles of cabinets in the assortment that fits your specific needs. In addition, tall cabinets make ideal pantries. You can select solid doors or ones with glass panels.

French Cabinetry Contains Ornate Hardware

Another characteristic of French cabinets is the fact that they contain ornate hardware, such as decorative door pulls and hinges. Even floral patterns on the door pulls complement the French style in the appropriate manner. Metals in these elements often include wrought iron, copper and bronze.

Kitchen Layout Is Open and Airy

French kitchens come in a number of different layouts, but they are traditionally open and airy. This feeling is achievable with the U-shaped, L-shaped or even single-wall kitchen layouts depending upon the amount of space you have available for one at your house.

Learn further details on whether or not French kitchen cabinet designs are suitable for your home by consulting with DM Cabinets. Our company provides you with quality, customised cabinets that fit your exact specifications and personal preferences for your home. We not only design and build your cabinets, but we also install them in your house.

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