Get Rid of Space Problems inside Your Home with Custom Cabinets

October 20, 2015

One of the leading reasons for remodeling is to create more functional storage. Custom cabinets are an essential key for organizing and solving space problems. There are various type cabinets and shelves designed specifically for contents, easy access and optimal storage capacity. You can even personalize shelves to fit your lifestyle. The benefits of custom made cabinets allow you to organize items you need readily at hand and also store items out of site for certain occasions.

Convenient Access to Cooking

Custom drawers and cabinets allow the homeowner to store spices, utensils and other supplies needed when you are cooking. When strategically placed, drawers and cabinets can be right next to your cooktop for convenience. There are numerous ways to utilize space near the cook stove such as drawers for utensils, cupboards for spices and cabinets for certain cooking supplies like oil or bread crumbs.

Pull Out Shelving

This type of shelving is best for electrical items such as blenders, mixers, waffle irons and espresso bars. The bulky items are off the counter plus they are easy to pull out when needed. Pull out shelving also eliminates the cramming of cupboards and having to dig for items every time you need them. This type of shelving is also great for organizing bathroom items like curling wands or irons.

Pull out shelving can be installed at various heights to contain both tall and short items.

Adjustable Shelving

When customized, pantries and cabinets can have adjustable shelving. This type of shelving comes in handy for storing a variety of items like baking and cooking supplies, snacks, baskets for tiny items in the kitchen or bathroom and storage for miscellaneous small electrical devices.

Constricted Pantry Storage

Every homeowner dreams of the perfect pantry to suit their cooking needs. Custom cabinets provide various solutions for utilizing space and designing your ideal pantry. Pantries can have multiple features like pullout shelves, numerous shelving units that swing out; inserts to keep items organized and even a special pantry to store china and linens.

When space is very limited, narrow cabinets can be installed on the side of a base cabinet. An extra five or six inches (in depth) will create extra pantry space for spices, vinegars, honey, oils and seasonings. Interior narrow cabinets can also be used for small items like teas or snacks.

Stand-Alone Custom Made Cabinets

Sometimes stand-alone custom cabinets are the perfect solution for adding extra space to your kitchen or bathroom. These types of cabinets can be mounted lower than the customary cabinet and are usually situated above a countertop or sink. They are easy to reach and add more space for items like cookbooks, potholders, soap, hand towels and bath towels.

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