Great Ideas for Your Own Multifunctional Bedroom Closet

September 24, 2015

In years past, closets were small spaces that did not allow enough storage for clothes. As a result, most closets became a cluttered mess. Today, you can now have a professional design and construct a multifunctional bedroom closet that not only provides you enough space for all your clothes and accessories, but also allows you the ability to organize all of these items in an orderly manner. Read on to learn some ideas to turn a dysfunctional closet into a highly functional one.

Walk-In Closets

When your space allows, a walk-in closet is your best option to create a multifunctional closet in your bedroom. Closets such as these come in all sorts of configurations. A professional can construct one to include almost any ideas you can dream up for your closet.

Two-wall design options for these closets can include one wall for drawers and shelves to place foldable wearables and hats. Shoe shelves are another highly useful option for this wall. The other wall should include at least one clothing rod for hanging shirts, skirts or dresses, or you could opt for two layers of these racks, especially in a man's closet, with the top layer for shirts and the bottom for his pants. With a three-wall design, you can expand upon the above ideas with the addition of a vanity, full-length mirrors and a dressing area along with more drawers, shelves and rods.

Another ideal feature for a walk-in closet is special jewellery storage drawers, compartments or shelves. Storage such as this can be equipped with mirrors and LED lighting along with security measures for your precious gems and diamonds. Place a safe, if need be, in the closet for not only valuable jewellery pieces, but also your important documents.

Standard Closets Also Can Be Multifunctional

When you only have space for a standard closet instead of a walk-in one, it can still be multifunctional with the right plan. For one example, a clothing rod across the top of the closet with a cabinet that contains open-front storage compartments in the bottom half of it. A setup such as this is ideal for both an adult and a child's standard closet.

You do not need to utilize only our ideas for your multifunctional bedroom closet, as many other ideas exist when it comes to this type of closet. Ask a professional for guidance with your closet ideas today to learn which ones will work with your available space.

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