Holiday Kitchen Makeover: Customise Your Kitchen Space with DM Cabinets

December 4, 2015

A holiday kitchen makeover is all about realizing your dreams and crafting a remarkable season. No one wants to settle for just cookie-cutter space when you can realize your dreams and live the picture-perfect kitchen. Nothing makes a home like a newly remodeled kitchen, especially during the holidays. A personalized kitchen makeover gives you extra counter space, convenience and storage.

This year you can have plenty of room to cook and make sure your guests are pampered. Here are just a few ways you can customise your kitchen space with DM Cabinets:

Exceptionally Functional

Take the chaos out of disorganized space and make your kitchen functional. Your kitchen should not only be beautiful but it needs to be efficient and organized. I am not referring to just beautiful, but amazingly beautiful and functional. This type of kitchen is unquestionably appreciated during the holidays plus it works well year round.

The key ingredient to a remarkable kitchen is the cabinets. Your cabinets are the heart of the kitchen and the design is the soul. Kitchens with well-designed cabinets can add extra storage, keep things organized and cater to your style of cooking. They also support backsplashes, countertops, kitchen gadgets and provisions.

Valuable Built-in Storage

What better way to have what you need while cooking than with build-in storage. Custom cabinets and drawers can be designed for easy access and add more space. For instance, the inside of drawers can be two tiered to help organize kitchen gadgets. Cabinets can be built with customised shelves designed to hold plates and bowls. And to utilize corner cabinets, put in a lazy Suzan. You can also have a customised cabinet door that juts out at a 45 degree angle so your items are easier to reach.

Additional Storage

One of the best ways to add extra storage is to have customised cabinets that go to the ceiling. In many kitchens there is at least a few feet of empty space above the cabinets. Just a few additional feet per cabinet will give you a lot more kitchen space.

Changing or Matching Styles

Whether you want a new fresh look in your kitchen or you desire customised cabinets to match your d├ęcor, a holiday kitchen makeover can be designed to meet your needs. There are numerous designing options to enhance the exact look you desire such as country charm, contemporary elegance, cottage style, interesting details or smart storage solutions.

And with a holiday kitchen makeover you can give yourself the perfect gift and be the envy of your friends and family this holiday season. DM Cabinets has decades of experience and expertise plus is dedicated to designing, building and installing the kitchen of your dreams.

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