How to Counter Clutter with an Exceptional Kitchen Design

October 18, 2019

People say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is the area to which the family prepares and cooks meals together. Consequently, those meals feed each member of the household in order for them to function on a day to day basis. The kitchen caters the exchange of stories, ideas, arguments, and love. Family members move around freely in this part of the home. Naturally, so does their clutter.

Busy families find no time in organising the kitchen with a certain aesthetic style in mind. The placement of kitchen tools and equipment are solely arranged based on convenience. However, they fail to consider that there are ways to counter the kitchen clutter with an exceptional design.

Assess the Source of Clutter

Take the time to observe where the kitchen clutter is coming from. Check the habits of the family members and see how and why they are routinely leaving things in the kitchen. Find out the kind of clutter often seen in the kitchen area. Remember them all or better yet make a list of the objects you see, for example – keys, shopping bags, catalogues, coupons, phone chargers, earphones, pens, rubber bands, receipts, papers etc.

Conveniently Place Containers for Clutter

Look through the list and group the objects based on where they are usually seen. Do you often see the house keys lying around near the kitchen table? Do you find yet another shopping bag by the kitchen counter? Create makeshift containers for these objects so that they are seen at plain sight but not at all cluttered. Set a few small, pretty bowls or boxes for keys, shopping bags and any other clutter you normally see lying around. Place a mail tray if there are unopened mails in the kitchen. Make sure to strategically position such containers on certain locations where the clutter was found. In that way, they will be compelled to leave the objects on the containers, thus minimising the clutter in the kitchen.

Have a Project Basket

There are instances when you find certain objects that do not necessarily belong in the kitchen. Place a basket where you can easily stash them and clear them away. For example, if your kids love to do their homework in the kitchen, have a basket where you can place such once you found them lying around in the kitchen. Same goes for other clutter. It is easier to spot them when they are stashed in one place.

Have a ‘Tech’ Drawer

Clear out one of the kitchen drawers for devices and charging cords that are sprawled all over the kitchen. If you can, consider having a charging station professionally installed. Installing such is much easier if an outlet is accessible. However, if you can’t create a charging station, it’s still helpful to have a drawer dedicated gadgets, tech devices and charging cords when not in use.

Create an Exceptional Design

Once you have cleared the clutter, proceed to designing your kitchen with your own exceptional style. Decorate your kitchen based on its purpose. Set the tone of the area in such a way that it is visually appealing but not too much. Do not overdo the arrangement; you would not want to sacrifice convenience and comfort for aesthetic. After all it is the kitchen, the heart of the home.

If you want to know more about exceptional kitchen design, contact us at DM Cabinets. We can help you counter your kitchen clutter with our suitable, smart, and stylish kitchen fixtures perfect for an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable kitchen.

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