How to Design Safe and Accessible Bathrooms for the Elderly

November 19, 2019

There is a quote that goes along the lines ‘to ignore the elderly means to ignore the wisdom of the years.” They indeed played an important role at some point in our lives. That is why we must return the favour by ensuring that they are well taken care of, especially at this point in their lives wherein they can no longer do it for themselves.

One way of doing such is by designing safe and accessible bathrooms for the elderly. Once they can use the bathroom safely and easily, then their lives will be so much more comfortable. Falls are the most common bathroom accidents among the elderly due to the wet and slippery conditions of the said environment. So it is important that the bathroom design be safe and accessible for the elderly.

Bathroom Dimensions

It is important that the dimensions of your bathroom be appropriated to the needs of the elderly. In order to do this, you must ensure that the facilities are wheelchair-friendly. The width of the door must be at least 86cm so that it can serve as an entryway for wheelchairs. Aside from that, you should be able to leave a 69cm-high clearance space under the sink. Consequently, the top of the sink must be 81-86cm from the floor.  

No-Curb Shower

If you are really designing a safe and accessible bathroom for the elderly, then you must incorporate a no curb shower. This means that a wheelchair can easily slide into the shower since the floor slopes down to the drain. In addition to that, make sure that you install a hand-held shower head with an easy and accessible cleansing control. It should be at a level that can be easily reached by a person in a wheelchair. Trench drains must also be incorporated around the shower so that no water will be spilled in any way.

Grab Bars

For a bathroom design that is safe and accessible to the elderly, you must also install a grab bar. You can place them on the sidewall of a tub at standing and sitting ranges. You can also put grab bars on all three walls in a shower. Ensure that you will be able to place controls near a grab bar. Don’t forget to place one next to the toilet. These grab bars serve as a grip should the elderly feel like they are about to fall. They are also considered as the last-minute saviour in moments wherein the elderly is so close to accidental falling.

For your safe and accessible bathroom needs for your elderly, you can select from DM Cabinets. We have a wide range of modern bathroom necessities according to what you require. Whether small, medium or large sized, we will create a gorgeous new look by replacing your old bathroom into a safe and accessible one to suit your specific needs.

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