Investing in Kitchen Renovations Can Help Avoid Potential Kitchen Hazards

March 22, 2019

Typically, homeowners perform kitchen remodels to improve the functionality and appearance of this room. Most do not even consider that a remodel on this room also can help them avoid potential kitchen hazards. To help you not be part of this group, we are here to explain some of the actions that you can take during a kitchen renovation to be safer in your kitchen.

Choose a Slip-Resistant Flooring to Replace Worn Flooring

While many flooring options are suitable for kitchens, not all of them are slip-resistant. Some of the tile and stone options can become quite slippery when wet. To avoid unnecessary slips and even falls, be certain to install a flooring option that offers some level of slip-resistance. One example is the laminate flooring options.

Add an Induction Stove

Traditional stoves give off heat when their burners are on whether or not a pot is in contact with them. This can lead to kids and adults burning themselves when they are not paying attention in the kitchen. Induction stoves contain burners that only transfer heat to a pot and as soon as you remove the pot, they become cool again. By adding one of these stoves to your kitchen, you reduce the chance of skin burns.

Update the Kitchen’s Electrical Wiring

Old wiring in the kitchen can cause inadequate power delivery, shorts and even electrical fires. Make it a point to update your wiring during renovating this room to avoid all of these potential problems.

Install Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the Kitchen

Since your kitchen is the most fire-prone room in the house, it should contain a smoke detector. At the same time, you may want to install a carbon monoxide detector to monitor this element due to the fact that if you inhale an excess of it, your health can suffer. Both detectors should be hardwired into the house’s electrical system.

Replace Standard Tapware with Thermostatic Tapware

Another helpful inclusion in your kitchen remodel that helps avoid potential hazards is thermostatic tapware in place of standard tapware. This tapware limits how hot water can come out of it. It keeps the water below scalding so it will not harm your skin.

Rely on DM Cabinets for further advice about how investing in kitchen renovations can help avoid potential kitchen hazards. Along with all the typical elements that these remodels contain, we can ensure to add the above and other safety features into your kitchen to make this room less perilous to use each day. All of our designs, workmanship, materials and products come with a guarantee for your protection.

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