Keeping it Simple: Avoid Costly Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

August 15, 2017

When planning home renovations, many people give the bathroom the least amount of thought, thinking that it requires the easiest and least complicated efforts for refurbishing. Most homeowners assume that by installing new bath fixtures and updating wall or floor tiling, they will have an attractive new room that costs little to renovate. After all, bathroom fixtures are available at varied prices, depending on what company or discount supplier you or your contractor purchase them from. However, unless you plan your bathroom updates just as carefully as you do all the other additions or alterations you intend to make to the other interior spaces of your home, you may be dealing with some costly bath renovation mistakes.

How to Avoid Costly Bathroom Renovation Mistakes by Keeping Your Updates Simple

By streamlining and planning your list of bathroom updates carefully, you can avoid some expensive renovating errors that you will greatly regret, such as the following:

  • Agreeing to a Non-Fixed-Price Renovations Contract. - When hiring a contractor or home building and renovating team to make alterations to your bathroom, never agree to a non-fixed-price contract for remodeling. By insisting on a contract that specifies a definite cost ceiling, you will be protected from having to pay for extra and often costly add-on revisions to your bath that are unexpected, but seem to be necessary. Always meet with your contractor, multiple times if necessary, before any work begins on your bathroom updates to agree on a list of necessary tasks for completing renovations properly. Also make sure you have agreed on the amounts of building materials needed and their total cost. Also agree on a projected time-frame for the job's satisfactory completion before work begins.
  • Forgetting to Check Your Renovating Team's Waterproofing Qualifications. - Defective waterproofing work is common today across Australia. Although waterproofing workmanship is required to meet the AS 2740-2010 approved standard as upheld by the Australian Master Tilers Association (AMTA), this requirement is often not met. By choosing to hire only workmen who are licensed and competent to waterproof your bath professionally and thoroughly, you can prevent extra, needless spending to redo unsuccessfully completed waterproofing.
  • Planning Costly Rearrangement of Bathroom Fixtures. - Some homeowners plan bath renovations that include rearranging placement of the sink, toilet, shower or tub in order to conserve valuable space or make the room more attractive or practical for daily use by everyone in the household. This is, however, one of the most costly aspects of all when remodeling your bathroom. Especially because most bath fixtures were originally placed to best align with their corresponding water lines and drainage or waste pipes, moving these fixtures may result in high costs necessary to reroute water lines and drainage piping.

By working with the home building and remodeling experts at DM Cabinets, with a primary showroom in Belmont, Victoria, you will be assured of receiving the ultimate in careful project planning and cost efficiency. These highly experienced, professional Geelong cabinet makers will provide you with top-tier designs, planning and craftsmanship, excelling at every aspect of your desired bathroom renovations. Your bath will be rejuvenated in the ideal style and decor of your choice, and all work will be completed as scheduled, in a safe, effective and expert manner. Your bath will be updated by pros to meet all your wishes and dreams with the most practical and fashionable bathroom renovations possible at a truly reasonable cost.

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