Kitchen and Bathroom: Best Custom Cabinets in Geelong

October 7, 2015

Cabinets are the focal point of both the kitchen and bathroom. That is why it is imperative that cabinets are built to last and stylized to fit the owner’s personality. In addition, custom cabinets always provide infinite design options to meet your needs.

Custom Made versus Commercially Manufactured

Although commercially made cabinets may be initially cheaper, they are definitely not a better value compared to custom made. When all the benefits of custom made cabinets are totaled, the plusses far outnumber manufactured designs. And when it comes to finding top quality custom cabinets in Geelong, DM Cabinets is unsurpassed.

Benefits of Custom Cabinetry

Built to Last – At DM Cabinets, our custom cabinets are crafted by Dave Moore, a skilled cabinet maker with 18 years in the residential and commercial industry. Dave takes great pride in his work and uses only top quality materials. What is more, your cabinets are built with extreme precision and built to last.

Unlike manufactured cabinets that are made with particle board, custom made cabinets are constructed with the finest wood. Stock cabinets are also glued, nailed or screwed together. Custom cabinets are made with built-in joints that come together impeccably. Moreover, custom cabinets do not go through an assembly line but are artfully built by hand.

Choose Your Own Elements – One of the greatest benefits of custom cabinets is that you can choose your own elements. You can decide on what type of wood you prefer, the dimensions, color of finish, the style and even drawer combinations that fit your personality. For instance, your efficient kitchen can be designed to fit your cooking style such as a spice cabinet, cutlery cabinet, and an island, pullout cutting boards, a wine rack and more.

Built to Fit – One of the greatest advantages of custom cabinets is that they can be built to fit. This is especially advantageous if you have an unconventional floor plan or uncommon kitchen layout. When stock cabinets are used in unique kitchens, oftentimes areas need to be filled in where the wall is left empty. And when fillers are used, the whole ambiance of the room is destroyed. However, custom cabinets at DM Cabinets can be built to the exact size that you need plus give you a fitted and stylish look.

Good for the Environment – At DM Cabinets, you have a much larger selection of wood for your cabinetry. You can select domestic or local hardwoods that benefit the environment. In fact, our custom cabinets are made to order and offer a wide selection of wood.

For more information on the best custom cabinets in Geelong call (03) 5241 2336. We can schedule a free initial consultation and help you design and build your dream cabinets.

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