Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Cost-Saving and Sustainable Approach in Cabinetry

July 18, 2019

With so much emphasis being on affordable, eco-friendly construction methods today, many homeowners are hesitant to remodel their kitchens. After all, there is so much waste from a major renovation job that it may not only cost more than their budget allows but it also may harm the environment in some fashion. We are here to explain that with refacing you can create a new look for your kitchen cabinets in a cost-saving, sustainable way.

What is Refacing?

The process of refacing involves removing all cabinet doors, drawers, and moulding to provide them with a fresh new finish and look while leaving the cabinet boxes remain in their places. It costs far less and takes less time to perform this process than when you replace all the cabinetry. In comparison to replacing all the cabinets, this process produces very little waste. We also talk about the other benefits of this process in the following information.

Refacing Uses Durable Materials

Once all the necessary elements are removed from the cabinet boxes, professionals install a .635-cm reinforcement layer to all the drawers and doors. Quality wood veneers or laminates that match in an ideal manner install on top of this reinforcement layer. The choice or colours, finishes and materials are up to you.

New Hardware and Moulding Add Finishing Touches to the Refacing Process

After all the rest of the refacing process is complete, new moulding and hardware is added for the final touch to enhance your kitchen. The moulding will trim out the cabinets in a refreshing manner, and the updated doorknobs or door pulls and hinges bring your kitchen cabinetry into the present instead of being linked to the past.

You Create Lasting Results With Refacing

Many property owners consider this as a short-term, temporary solution to improve the look of kitchen cabinets, but this is a mistaken belief. As long as professional use all high-quality materials, products and workmanship for the refacing, you will receive durable, attractive results that will last you for years.

Refacing Preserves Numerous Trees

The reason that refacing is sustainable is due to the fact that it preserves a lot of trees. This process uses a minimum of timber in comparison to what it takes to build new kitchen cabinets.

For additional information about why kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-saving and sustainable approach to kitchen cabinets, consult with DM Cabinets. We will expertly perform this service for you to ensure that you receive highly functional, attractive and durable results. Also, our company provides many other services that will enhance your house if you so desire. Our highly skilled staff creates bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, entertainment centres and laundries in new constructions, extensions or renovations.

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