Kitchen Island Designs that Will Leave a Great Impression

November 9, 2019

People often say that the kitchen is the heart of every household. At the end of the day, it is an area wherein sumptuous meals and savoury dishes are created to bring the family together. However, kitchens can go beyond being functional and practical. They can also exude beauty in your home. And what better way to start increasing its aesthetic value than by making the kitchen’s significant facet – kitchen island – an impressive one.

Rustic Kitchen Island

Rustic designs are normally used to evoke a homey and accommodating theme wherever it is placed. You can use a rich-toned hardwood that can double up as complementing factor on the floor and the stools or oiled oak for the counter top. Both materials can exude an industrial and country rustic kitchen island design respectively. For the rich-toned hardwood, the material will go well with stools with iron bases. It will also significantly improve the aesthetics once you purchase iron pendant lamps. As per the lovely oiled oak, powerful dark navy blue cabinets are a great match. You can also add vintage cooking equipment and antique pendant lamps to complete the ensemble.

Curved Kitchen Island

Since time immemorial, rectangular-shaped kitchen islands were considered the norm. However, no one is stopping you from trying on something different. You can opt for a curved design kitchen island for a fresh and innovative look. Aside from a unique take on the common kitchen feature, it can also significantly increase the productivity in your area. Once you incorporate a curved design, your space will be a lot bigger than the plain rectangular one. Thus, you will be able to maximise functionality in your kitchen island while being visually appealing.

Space-saving Designs

The kitchen is often an area where people are always so busy. As such, it is important that the design of the kitchen should at least alleviate all the stressful and hassle-filled occurrences in the area. You can do so by making your kitchen island design the best and most convenient feature of your kitchen. You can make use of storage containers that can double up as a kitchen tool or equipment. In that way, there will be a lot less clutter in your kitchen island and only essential things will take space in the said area.

“Develop Bond” Patterns

It is important to keep in mind the reason for the kitchen island in the first place. Since the kitchen is a site where families dine together, make sure that the setup engages the family to bond and gather together. You can also incorporate patterns that can accommodate the entire family so that they can work and prepare meals together, each with corresponding task and assignment. Ensure that the space can hold as many chairs as possible so that there will be room for possible guests. Neutral bases are often used to highlight any patterns that you can think of. Keep everything neat and organized to showcase the design and elements in your kitchen island.

You can choose any of those abovementioned kitchen island designs to leave a great impression or you can mix it up and complement. Whatever you decide, we at DM Cabinets are here for you. Together, we can design, construct and install all your kitchen needs with the utmost attention to detail ensuring your original vision is achieved.

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