Kitchen Island with Storage Drawers: A Practical Way to Maximise Space

June 27, 2018

If you ask homeowners which room is the most used one in their homes, most will reply the kitchen. Families just love to congregate in this room while the food is cooking, to help with the food prep, enjoy the aromas or to snitch a taste of one food or another before the meal is ready for consumption. For this reason, kitchens should be highly functional, attractive rooms. While you may realise all of the ways to make your kitchen attractive, you may overlook one important addition that can increase the functionality of your kitchen, namely a kitchen island with storage drawers. We share why this is a practical way to maximise space in your kitchen in the following details.

Extra Storage

The drawers on the kitchen island offer extra storage to the room. You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen. We state this since over the years, you will accumulate more utensils, equipment, dinnerware, silverware, glassware, baking pans and more.

Spacious Work Area

Many island designs provide you with a spacious, uninterrupted work area when this is your goal. There will be just a countertop without a sink, stove or other elements to work around when food prepping. This is especially beneficial when you are preparing a special meal or entertaining a large group of people.

Additional Seating with Certain Designs

You can opt for an island design with storage drawers on one side and additional seating on the other side. Numerous possibilities exist for this. One idea is to have an indention of sorts in the seating side that allows stools to fit part way under the overhanging countertop. Another way is to attach a table on one side and have chairs for the seating.

A Gathering Spot

One other way that a kitchen island with storage drawers can maximise your space in this room is by being a gathering spot for not only your family members but also for your friends and other guests. Everyone can circle around the island and join in with the food prep while conversing with each other about various topics.

Location for Certain Kitchen Amenities

You also can install different amenities in the kitchen island along with the storage drawers. Certain homeowners require an extra sink or stovetop to function efficiently since they are avid cooks and/or bakers. Other options are possible too, as far as this is concerned.

For further details about a kitchen island with storage drawers being a practical way to maximise space in your kitchen, consult with DM Cabinets. We specialise in all aspects of kitchen design as well as other services.

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