Kitchen makeover checklist

Apr 8, 2015

It’s exciting to prepare and plan out a kitchen remodeling project. However, in all the excitement, sometimes important aspects of a kitchen fit-out get overlooked. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a kitchen makeover checklist to go over, so you don’t miss anything. One essential ingredient that ‘every’ kitchen needs is a place for storage, and this includes kitchen cabinets, shelves and pantries. Without these, a kitchen just wouldn’t be a… kitchen.

Getting started making a kitchen makeover checklist

Investing in your home, by remodeling your kitchen area, just makes sense. To ensure that nothing gets left out, and the kitchen remodeling goes as planned, creating a kitchen checklist makes even more sense. Armed with such a checklist you can spare yourself from any headaches caused by overlooking important points during a kitchen makeover. So, what should a kitchen makeover checklist include? Let’s find out.

Before getting started on your home makeover project, below are some basic considerations of things you should add to your kitchen makeover checklist:

1- Counter space – Designing the layout of a kitchen may not be that difficult, however, many times homeowners fail to consider the actual size of the countertops. Instead, they leave it in the hands of tradesmen to determine the length and width of the kitchen countertop. So, speak with your contractor about the options available to you. You may have room for a large sink, but is there enough space for other countertop appliances, or enough room to prepare meals?

2- Custom kitchen shelving – Kitchen shelves can be installed at various heights and these are meant to place not only food stuff, dishes, plates and cups, but for appliances such microwaves as well. If kitchen shelving is too high, it could pose a risk when loading and unloading food, especially hot foods. Kids using the microwave may be at risk if the microwave is placed on shelving that is too high. So, again, consult your contractor on the height of your kitchen shelving.

3- Ample corner space – Make sure that your counter corner spaces will allow doors and drawers to fully open, it can be extremely frustrating after a kitchen makeover to discover that you can’t open a drawer or door fully because there isn’t enough corner space!

4- Undercabinet space – Like overhead kitchen cabinets, undercabinet space is just as important and needed. Large pots and pans, and food stocks can be stored there, especially if a kitchen is small and there is no pantry available. Most kitchens have under counter dishwashers and these can take up valuable space, not allowing for any undercabinet space. If you don’t have a pantry, or you have large pot and pans, you will want to add spacious undercabinets to your kitchen makeover checklist.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, then you will surely need a reliable cabinet maker’s assistance. DM Cabinets is here to help with your kitchen remodeling and kitchen upgrade project, when it comes to cabinets, they are the best! No kitchen makeover checklist would be complete without them.

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