Kitchen Splashback Materials: What Are Your Options?

April 28, 2017

Today, no kitchen is complete without some type of splashback material on the wall above the counters and stove to protect it from food splatters and greasy, cooking residue. With so many types of splashbacks, though, it is a confusing choice for many homeowners to make on which one is right for their specific kitchen. For this reason, we list a number of the materials available in Australia at present for this kitchen necessity in the information that follows.

Tiles come in various styles, colours and sizes. You can install subway tiles for a traditional look or you can create a mosaic with tiles to make a bold, unique statement with your splashback for just two examples of this material. A major consideration that may sway you away from tiles, though, is the fact of the grout lines in between the tiles and the continual maintenance that they require to retain an attractive appearance.

Glass comes in many forms for splashbacks, including clear, toughened and tinted. The choice that fits your kitchen the best will depend upon how avidly you use this room. One benefit of glass that you will not receive with other types of splashbacks it how the light bounces back into the room off the glass. Glass also is easy to clean and complements any type of kitchen decor.

Natural stone, such as marble or granite, is another popular splashback material today. You must seal natural stone for this use just as you do for benchtops to ensure that it is stain resistant. In fact, for a continuous look, add the same stone to the wall that you use in your benchtops.

Caesarstone® is an engineered stone product that is stain resistant without the need for sealing. Also, it is heat and scratch resistant, and both benefits make this material ideal even for above the stove.

Stainless steel creates a highly modern splashback and stands up well under all kitchen conditions. Food spills and oily residue are simple to clean up with just hot water and detergent most of the time, and this material does not scorch, chip or stain. Make a dynamic statement by combining this type of splashback with stainless steel benchtops.

The above are just a sampling of the options for kitchen splashbacks that are available today here in Australia. Consult with DM Cabinets to discover additional choices and details. We are specialists in creating attractive, highly functional kitchens according to your specifications, personal preferences and lifestyle.

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