Laundry and Bathroom Combination Designs for Small Spaces

January 24, 2018

Combining your laundry area with a small bathroom is a sensible and cost-efficient use of space when deciding on your next home remodeling project. Especially since both rooms need water connections and plumbing installations, you can save both time and money by coming these two rooms. If the small bathroom is a guest bath or a second or third bathroom in your home, the addition of laundry facilities will not cause any major inconvenience to members of your household. With some fresh ideas from a savvy interior decor expert, you can join practicality with casual fashion in this dual-purpose room, giving it a light, pleasant atmosphere while choosing sturdy, simply designed fixtures, furniture, appliances and accessories that require as little space as possible while meeting all the needs of both a functional utility room and an attractive bath.

Innovative Laundry and Bathroom Combination Designs for Small Spaces

Some creative yet practical design aspects to keep in mind when designing a home laundry and bath combination room include the following:

  • Hide-Away Appliances. - To create the ideal fashionable, but sensible combined laundry and bathroom today, you need to understand the talent of appliance concealment. You may try using stylish curtains or colourful mobile partitions to hide your washer and dryer from view, especially when you have house guests or the neighbors come over for dinner. However, according to most experienced home interior specialists, the best way to conceal appliances and laundry supplies or baskets of linens and clothing is to have built-in cabinets installed in this room. By choosing either floor to ceiling cabinets for more spacious rooms and cabinets of lesser height in compact combination rooms with high volume use, you can keep the space from feeling too congested or cramped. You can save additional space by stacking your appliances or selecting a combined washer and dryer. If this room has a closet, you may decide to install your appliances in the closet as an extra space-conserving plan.
  • Organized Storage. - Your home decor expert can guide you to choosing movable basket systems to install in your cabinetry in your combined bath and laundry room. Mounted on smooth tracks, these baskets slide easily in and out of your cabinets for fast, easy loading and unloading of laundry, detergents and water softening agents. Many of these sliding storage units include pull-out ironing boards and benchtops for sorting and folding clean clothing and linens. You can also install this type of moving track for mobile shelving and baskets beneath and above your bathroom vanity as another space-saving technique to provide adequate room for toiletry items, towels and bath accessories.
  • Clever Decor. - By including a star feature piece or fixture in the bath area of your combination room, you will draw attention away from the utilitarian aspect of the laundry section. A spectacular modern shower design or a stunning Art Deco vanity will enhance the overall decor while celebrating and emphasizing the luxurious aspects of the bathing area of your room. You may also include wall and floor tiling with colourful designs and patterns and subdued, recessed overhead spotlights or soft sconce lighting on the walls for additional charm and soothing ambiance. By installing brightening and dimming light fixtures, you can have bright light for doing the laundry and enjoy a bath or shower in soft, relaxing, dimmer lighting.

By consulting the experienced professionals at DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, designs, cabinetry, fixtures and accessories for creating your ideal combination bath and laundry room. This top quality team of home design and cabinet building experts will help you choose the best possible interior design features and furnishings for completing this new dual-purpose room to meet all your specifications, preferences, whims and needs.

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