Light or Dark Granite Countertop? Choosing the Right Match for Your Kitchen Cabinets

June 30, 2017

Since granite is available in numerous colours today for use in countertops, homeowners find it a daunting task to select the right shade for their countertops. If you go too dark, the granite can overwhelm the room, but if you go too light, the countertops may not be as noticeable as they should be in the room. To help clear this confusion, read the following tips that will help you understand how to select the ideal granite tone for your needs.

View Granite Samples in Your Home

Whenever possible, you need to view samples of the granite in your home. By doing so, you can ensure which colours will and will not complement your room in an eye-catching way. If samples are not available, take photos of your room and take them to the granite provider to help you consider the different shades. Either way, you will narrow down your list more quickly this way to make your final choice from for your home.

Consider Your Cabinet Colours

The colours of your cabinets need to figure in your decision on what colour of granite since the countertops and cabinets join together for one unit rather than two separate elements. When your cabinets are rich wood tones with the grain showing, you may consider brownish or tan tones to retain the warm, earthy feel to the room. On the other hand, your cabinets may be in a cool blue or gray shade, and in this case, you should choose from the same colour family in the granite. Whether you select light or dark tones, often depends upon your preferences along with your cabinet colours. You even can go monotone with all white or another shade for the entire kitchen.

Ensure That the Shade of Granite Complement Your Flooring and Wall Colours

Hold the granite next to your flooring and wall colours to ensure that it complements them in an attractive, eye-pleasing fashion. This is the final consideration in selecting between light and dark granite countertops and the various shades of them.

Think about How the Light and Dark Shades Show Dust

If you do not use your kitchen constantly throughout the week, another consideration is how the light and dark shades show dust. Dust will not show up on the light and medium shades as much as it shows up on dark shades. Of course, if you are an avid cook or baker, you will be wiping off your countertops in between creations enough that this might not be an issue for you.

For further tips on selecting a light or dark granite countertop, consult with DM Cabinets. We will guide you to the exact colour to bring your kitchen to life in a way that complements the entire room and not just the countertops.

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