Matching Dark Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertops

July 20, 2016

One of the ways that homeowners can make a dramatic statement in their kitchens is to pair dark kitchen cabinets with granite countertops. Granite comes in such a wide variety of shades and patterns that it is easy to select one to complement mahogany, cherry, walnut, black, navy blue or other deep colours of cabinetry. For your own kitchen, you can select a light colour of granite to contrast with your cabinets or a deep shade to complement the cabinets in a subtle manner. It depends on the overall effect you wish to achieve.

The Various Shades of Granite

Since granite forms in different parts of the world, it comes in a wide assortment of shades ranging from white to black. The main categories of these shades are as follows:

  • Whites
  • Golden Shades
  • Grey Tones
  • Tans
  • Metallic Colours
  • Pink and Red Shades
  • Green and Blue Tones

All the above colours will also contain accent shades that are unique to each slab of granite. The accents enhance the primary colour to create an earthy ambiance for your kitchen.

The Dark Cabinetry Tones That Are Available for Kitchens Today

Today, you have a vast array of dark tones from which to select for your own kitchen. Rich wood tones such as walnut, mahogany and cherry along with deep shades of paint or laminate such as navy blue or black are just a sampling of the dark tones available in custom cabinets at present. Shiny black laminate is ideal for cabinets in modern and contemporary kitchens while the dark wood tones or painted shades complement country, traditional and even rustic kitchens.

A Few Recommendations for Combining Countertops of Granite with Dark Kitchen Cabinets

  • One example of a complementary pairing would be to select from the pink and red granite countertops to install on top of cherry cabinets. The tones of this granite will bring out the reddish tones in the cherry wood.
  • Golden shades of granite bring out the best in walnut cabinets. Natural walnut with clear stain contains both dark and medium shades of brown. When you add the golden tones of granite, you complement both.
  • You can even select a monotone colour scheme and choose to install black granite benchtops on top of black laminate cabinetry.

DM Cabinets will provide you further information on matching dark kitchen cabinets with the right colour of granite countertops upon request. We specialise in designing, building and installing custom cabinets and countertops for the kitchen and other areas of your home. All of our workmanship and materials are high quality to ensure that you receive a product that lasts for years.

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