Matching Knobs and Pulls to Kitchen Cabinets for Better Style and Design

June 27, 2016

Good design, material, paint, appeal and feel are only a few things on people's minds while selecting furnishings for a kitchen, such as cabinets. Rarely do people think of knobs or pulls as an important part of the structure of cabinets. While at first thought, it stands to reason, you do not need serious consideration about the knobs that go with your cabinets, or should you? Why are these important?

Over the years, many furniture design concepts have come and gone. The only things that have always been there are knobs and pulls to kitchen cabinets. These timeless necessities have always been there for designers, and will always be there for specific reasons, mainly to provide better design style and functionality.

Here are a couple of examples how knobs and pulls to kitchen cabinets can help:

1. Accentuates the feel

Whether you are planning on an antique, rustic look and feel, or that of contemporary taste, knobs and pulls will be the first thing that guests will actually notice, especially if they don't truly match the kitchen cabinets. If the style is out-of-place or does not look like knobs and pulls belongs there, your whole kitchen interior will reflect it. The best interior designers know and understand this, and therefore invest considerable amount of time and planning in getting the choice right.

2. Increases furniture value

Even if you do not want to specifically improve the look and feel of your kitchen, knobs and pulls are still important. In fact, the right cabinet accessories contribute to the resale price of a home, by adding value to the overall kitchen furnishings. So, if you decide on selling your home sometime in the future, knobs and pulls to kitchen cabinets will help you get the price you are asking.

Cutting corners with cabinet accessories might save some money initially, but purchasing quality knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets can pay off down the road, as it is common for homeowners to lightly renovate their kitchens, before putting their home on the market.

The Kitchen Cabinet Experts

Rather than go-it-alone in choosing knobs and pulls for your kitchen cabinets, you can have us here at DM Cabinets help you out. We can even design, construct and install brand new kitchen cabinets that compliment your whole kitchen theme. In fact, when it comes to kitchens and cabinets, nobody can do it better than DM Cabinets.

As renovation and kitchen makeover experts, we also help homeowners revamp their bathrooms, wardrobes, entertainment, and laundry areas. If you want your home to look its best, then let us assist you in terms of design, furniture and detailing of your home to compliment your lifestyle.

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