Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

January 15, 2019

Have you been dreaming about renovating your bathroom? Do you want to bring your old stuffy bathrooms up to date with a new modern overhaul? Here at DM Cabinets, we believe in the power of a quality bathroom renovation. The bathroom serves as one of the most important rooms in your home and, in fact, one of the most valuable. Whether you are selling or buying a piece of property, having a great bathroom can be a deal breaker! Today, we are going to be highlighting a few different design concepts that you can explore in order to give your bathroom the modern overhaul it needs for 2019.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the most popular styles for modern homeowners is the modern design. Modern design elements tend to incorporate clean lines, stark contrasting colours, and just a dash of minimalism. While modern designs aren't for everyone, they tend to offer a really comfortable and elegant style for people looking to renovate their homes. How can you incorporate a modern design element to your own bathroom in order to prepare for a fresh 2019? That's a great question.

1) Update Your Vanity - One of the easiest ways to incorporate a modern design element in your bathroom is by completely overhauling your vanity. As we spoke about above, a vanity with clean lines and contrasting colour elements can make your bathroom pop out to everyone who enters it. We are incredibly fond of warm, natural colours set against white surfaces.

2) Change Your Doors - If your new vanity will steal attention, brand new modern themed cabinets will do the trick as well. Whether you are replacing the towel cabinet or the closet doors, an elegant modern design will be appealing to just about everyone. We like glossy, high-end finishes when considering ways to pull together a newly revamped and modern bathroom renovation.

3) Consider Your Surfaces - No modern bathroom can be complete if you still have outdated flooring and tiles present. Consider completely changing out your bathroom tiles in exchange for modern, natural and dark coloured surface options. The same idea holds true for your floor. Don't be content with your outdated laminate surfaces or your old plain, white tiling.

4) Try Hidden Cabinets - Finally, consider incorporating hidden or recessed cabinetry in order to round out your renovation. There is something about the minimalism that recessed or hidden cabinetry can provide that makes for a great modern bathroom.

Modern bathrooms are going to be enhanced by every small detail that you address during your renovation. Reach out to DM Cabinets for all of your bathroom renovation needs!

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