Modern or Classic Kitchen? Let DM Cabinets Do It for You

July 29, 2015

When you try to select between modern and classic styles for your kitchen design, you must first understand the elements of each style. After all, each one has unique elements that distinguish from the other style. We will examine each one to help further your education on this topic.

The Modern Style of Kitchens

Modern is sleek and smooth from the flat-panel doors to the unframed cabinetry. Even the hardware on the doors and drawers will be simple such as flat or tubular pulls. Glass splashbacks are another signature feature of the modern kitchens.

Although it sounds at first as if modern design is void of embellishment, this is not true, as this style receives its ornamentation from the materials in the cabinetry or countertops. For just one example, the wood grain of the cabinetry will be in a horizontal direction to highlight the other elements in the kitchen. In addition to the cabinets and countertops being in the modern style, all other elements in the kitchen should follow suit to obtain this style in the proper manner.

The Classic Style of Kitchens

Classic combines simple details such as crown moulding and legs on work islands with white or off-white cabinets for a timeless style that lasts for years without losing its appeal. Shaker doors often are part of a classic design and are basic in nature, but not as flat as the doors are with modern kitchens. Honed stone, marble or even black granite for countertops is yet another feature of classic kitchens.

White or off-white tile splashbacks highlights the other elements in this style of kitchen. The tile can vary in size so you can create a unique look with the addition of different grout colours to enhance the tile. Keep the colours as neutral as possible when you wish to add colours to prevent your classic kitchen from being a bit traditional in style. Of course, if you wish to mix the two styles, they will complement each other.

Hire DM Cabinets to Create Your Kitchen

Whichever style of kitchen you decide upon in the end, hire DM Cabinets to design and construct the kitchen for you. We will meet with you and listen closely to your ideas on what you need in a kitchen. In addition, we show you examples of both classic and modern styles to ensure you understand which one fits your taste and home. Once you agree to hire our services, we will measure the kitchen space to come up with the correct cabinet dimensions. You also will select specific colours, materials and other necessary details to enable us to create our plans for your kitchen cabinetry. Contact us for further details on our cabinetry services.

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