Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design: A Blend of Customised Beauty and Functionality

May 2, 2019

Decades ago, rustic aesthetics used to be the norm for every household, as it was beautiful, practical, although a bit cluttered – but in a wonderfully homely and lived-in sort of way. With the advent of modernisation, rustic decors soon lost their appeal and were replaced by modernist and minimalist décor.

These emphasised limitations of the items you could display in kitchens and a certain amount of stricture when it comes to functionality in favour of aesthetic appeal. Nowadays, minimalism is still a very popular interior décor option, but the bulk of it has been relegated to living rooms and lounges. In this regard, kitchen cabinet designs are encountering a slow but sure resurgence in the appeal of rustic aesthetics, most particularly in their storage solutions.

Rustic or country-style kitchen cabinets are fast becoming a mainstay in many home kitchens. Of course, traditional kitchen cabinets were bulky, highly functional, and made to store a lot of items while keeping them accessible but out-of-the-way. These were built from long-lasting hardwood, and often had pegs, hooks, and other attachments that made further stowing capacity possible.

If you are contemplating on investing in modern rustic kitchen cabinet design, with a blend of customised beauty and functionality, then consider the following advantages that modern rustic kitchen cabinets have to offer:

• Heft – a lot of people consider heft to be a bad thing when it comes to furniture, but there is a reason why kitchen cabinets of yesteryear were made to be strong and durable – for functionality. For a functional kitchen to work, everything must be set and stable, and a hefty cabinet ensures this.

• Functionality – drawers, cabinets, pegs, hooks, and racks – these were the common features of rustic kitchen cabinets. While a lot of people may think these features are excessive in this day and age, nothing could be further from the truth. Why bother with overhead cabinets or having to dig through kitchen storage drawers for cutlery and cooking implements when you can organise everything you need in modern rustic kitchen cabinets.

• Longevity – made from high-quality wood, with a blend of customised beauty and functionality, modern rustic kitchen cabinets will last for decades and will even add to the value of your property.

If you are interested in the benefits that modern rustic kitchen cabinets will bring to your home, then consult with DM Cabinets – specialists in designing, building, and installing custom cabinets.

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