Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design: A Touch of Class and Clean Appeal

June 15, 2016

Often times, homeowners design their kitchens to be aesthetically pleasing, but not practical and therefore, lose valuable space in the process. They spend years complaining about needing additional space after this. To avoid this issue, you should consider the merits of a modern Scandinavian kitchen design. A design such as this provides you with a clean, uncluttered kitchen with ample space for storage, food prep and dining. You may consider modern as cold and unappealing, but this is a misconception on your part.

Characteristics of the Scandinavian Style in Kitchens

1. Sleek, Minimalistic Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets are sleek and absent of ornamentation in the Scandinavian style option. Even the door and drawer pulls are simple and basic. When you turn to this option for your kitchen, you receive highly functional cabinetry in a space-saving manner. Instead of depending on ornamentation for aesthetic purposes, this design utilises various materials, colours and accessories for enhancement, therefore, minimising the amount of space the cabinetry requires in the kitchen.

2. Simple Colour Schemes

While a number of the Scandinavian kitchens are all in white, other colours also are in keeping with this type of design. Pale green, black, grey, blue and wood tones also work for these kitchens. Whichever colours that you select, just remember to use them in an uncomplicated manner to keep from overdoing it. Geometric patterns involving two or three colours can decorate the walls in a modern way in keeping with the overall theme of this design, for only one example.

3. Add Accent Pieces

When you select a pale colour for your kitchen such as white or sea foam green, accent the area with a dark colour in your kitchen accessories such as small electric gadgets, light fixtures or other elements. You will enhance your area in a dramatic fashion when you enact this idea. Remember, when you add a dining table and chairs to this kitchen to keep both in a minimalistic design.

4. Various Materials Enhance These Kitchens

While the cabinets of Scandinavian kitchens typically are of laminate or painted wood, the countertops can contain wood, natural stone or laminate materials as can the flooring, tables and other elements in the room. When you select the materials carefully to ensure that they complement all of the elements in the proper manner, the resulting kitchen will captivate your senses as well as meet your functionality requirements.

For further information on the characteristics of the modern Scandinavian kitchen design, contact our company, DM Cabinets. We are experts with this design and other kitchen options. Our company provides the design plans, materials, custom cabinets and all other elements to bring your kitchen desires to fruition in a quality way.

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