Modular Cabinets and Custom Made Cabinets: What are the Differences?

May 26, 2017

When you are planning to renovate your kitchen with attractive new cabinet designs for a fresh, updated look and ambiance, there are some major questions to consider and answer before beginning this important project. Will you keep your current countertops, appliances and kitchen island or start anew with a different layout and interior decor? Do you want a simplified, minimalist colour scheme or brightly hued, contrasting items and accessories for a livelier culinary atmosphere? Most importantly, will you opt for individually crafted cabinetry or on overall modular installation?

Major Differences Between Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designs and Modular Cabinetry

If you are ready to choose between new customised cabinet designs and modular cabinetry for your kitchen interior renovation, be sure to consider the following points before making your final decision:

  • Custom Cabinets. - Fresh, creative custom-designed cabinets for your kitchen interior remodeling will give your entire meal preparation and adjoining eating areas a bright, new and different look. The artistry of the cabinet craftsmanship will add warmth and vitality to this busy room and gathering place of your home. You and your renovating experts and cabinet builders can select beautiful natural timber with lustrous, fine grains and finishes to bring the pure, natural essence of the outdoors into your home environment to revitalize your kitchen decor. Customised cabinetry can also be crafted in specific sizes, shapes and styles to best meet your storage needs while enhancing your home fashion preferences and sensibilities.
  • Modular Cabinetry. - Modular kitchen cabinet designs will bring a strong sense of simplicity and organization to your food preparation areas. Since these modules are pre-assembled and ready to install when delivered, they can make renovations easier and faster, provided you and your renovation team have accurately accounted for and measured the layout of your kitchen to accommodate these cabinet units. These cabinet modules are available in various sizes, shapes, designs and colours, enabling you to select an ideal style and size to suit your kitchen space and remodeling plans. These cabinet units, once in place, are easy to clean and maintain and should last for many future years.

When in the early planning stages of your kitchen makeover, consult the specialized cabinet designers and builders of DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria for superior quality advice, designing and custom-building of your new kitchen cabinets or installation of your choice of modular cabinetry. With the fine experience and skill of this professional home renovations team, your new kitchen will shine with style and high fashion while providing you with top-tier modern features and functionality.

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