Multifunctional Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers for Space Saving Purposes

May 30, 2016

One of the most important features of a kitchen is the storage it provides you. Without adequate storage, you will use the countertops for additional storage, which may negatively affect the room's appearance and functionality. The ideal way of solving this storage issue is through the installation of custom, multifunctional kitchen cabinets and drawers. With these elements, you can fulfil your storage needs in a space-saving manner to ensure that your countertops are free 24/7 for preparing delectable cuisine for your family and friends.

A Tall Cabinet Creates a Pantry

Consider adding a tall cabinet to your kitchen that reaches from the floor to the ceiling to create a pantry for food storage. Even a narrow one comes in handy for you to store your dry goods, canned foods, spices, baking supplies and other items in out of sight. Various shelf configurations also are possible to customise these tall cabinets to meet your specific needs.

Add Upper and Lower Cabinets for Dish and Equipment Storage

You also should opt for traditional upper and lower cabinets to provide you with ample storage for your dishes, cups, saucers, glassware, mixer and other kitchen equipment. A variety of space allowances between the shelves is possible to accommodate the assortment of heights with your items.

Store Pots and Pans in Deep Drawers

Pots and pans easily store in deep drawers. Plenty of room in these drawers to store all your cooking gear. Just pull them out to access whatever pot or pan is necessary for your meal preparation and keep all the other ones out of your way.

Shallow Drawers Are Ideal for Cooking and Eating Utensils

Keep your spoons, sharp knives, spatulas, silverware and other utensils in shallow drawers that install as part of your lower cabinets. A possible customisation for these drawers is to build in partitions to create different compartments.

Include Cabinet Space under the Sink to Store Cleaning Solutions

Be certain to include cabinet space under the sink to obtain adequate storage for your cleaning solutions. Items that you may store in this area include:

  • Dishwashing or dishwasher detergent
  • Floor cleaner
  • Drain cleaner
  • Furniture polish

To receive maximum benefits from custom, multifunctional kitchen cabinets and drawers, contact DM Cabinets. We are experts in kitchen design. Our staff members will guide you through the design process carefully to ensure that you receive the ideal setup for your kitchen. They also will explain material options. DM Cabinets delivers high-quality services at affordable prices.

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