Oakwood Vintage-Style Cabinetry: A Trend in Kitchen Design in 2019

April 2, 2019

In recent years, the trends in kitchen designs have mainly been either modern or contemporary ones due to the fact that homeowners were making a transition away from traditional and even rustic décor in the kitchen. This changes in 2019, though, since Oakwood vintage-style cabinetry will be trending along with numerous other kitchen designs. To learn further information about the characteristics of this kind of cabinetry to see if it will suit your preferences and needs, read the following.

Oakwood Vintage-Style Cabinetry Is Made From Solid Wood

A real advantage with this cabinetry is the fact that it is made from solid wood instead of particleboard. As a result, you get added durability and attractiveness when you select it for your kitchen. This cabinetry is so well-built that it is liable to outlive your home. If you want cabinets that set you apart from the other houses in the neighbourhood, vintage-style Oakwood ones are the ones that you should select.

Cabinetry of This Style Is Easy to Finish

Since this cabinetry is made from solid wood, it accepts all types of finishes easily. You can choose to let the intricate wood grain show through by applying stain, or you can enhance it by your choice of paint.

The Doors on the Oakwood Vintage-Style Cabinets Contain Decorative Features

One of the attractive benefits of installing this style of cabinetry in your kitchen is the decorative features that it usually contains. For example, the cabinet doors have indentations and various designs carved into them or added to them in other ways. They can be rustic, traditional, or even ornate in style due to this fact.

All of the Hinges and Handles on the Cabinetry Also Are of Vintage Style

In place of simple, modern handles and hinges, this style of cabinetry contains ones that also are in the vintage décor style. These enhance the already rich character of this cabinetry.

Vintage-Style Oakwood Cabinetry Is Easy to Customise

Another reason to include this 2019 trend in your kitchen is that it is easily customised to suit your home, preferences and needs. You can choose the configuration, cabinet layout, and more. Create the kitchen that will make cooking and baking a breeze.

For additional information about Oakwood vintage-style cabinetry and the fact that it is trending in 2019, contact DM Cabinets. Our company specialises in a wide assortment of services from kitchens to entertainment centres. We will provide you all of our expertise to ensure that your project is highly functional, durable and if applicable, in a trending style.

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