Pullman Kitchen Layout: Best Ideas to Maximise Kitchen Cabinet Space

August 17, 2018

Reminiscent of the highly functional train kitchens, the Pullman-style kitchens are ideal for small houses or apartments and wherever space-conservation is desired. Even though they require less space, these kitchens still provide all of the features that you require to prepare food for your family, friends or others. You just need to know how to maximise the kitchen cabinet space on an optimal level to ensure that a Pullman kitchen layout meets your needs sufficiently. We offer you the following ideas to accomplish this task effectively.

1. Use the Height of the Kitchen

Fully utilise the height of your kitchen by taking the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. Do not leave the decorative gap that is in some kitchens today since this gap wastes precious storage space. You can store your seldom-used items in the upper shelves. Also, you can include one cabinet that goes from floor to ceiling for a pantry when space permits.

2. Add Special Features to the Cabinetry

Another way to maximise kitchen cabinet space is to add special features, such as warming drawers, pull-out shelves and corner cabinets. With the latter the cabinets envelope a corner to utilize it in the most effective way possible.

3. Install a Sliding Shelf Unit in Between the Refrigerator and Cabinetry

You can expand your storage space by installing a sliding-shelf unit in that unused space that often is between the refrigerator and cabinetry. Whether or not you have this space, depends upon the style and size of the refrigerator. If you happen to have a space on both sides, install one of these shelf units on each side. On these units, you can store your spices, flavourings and other small dry supplies, and this frees up your cabinet space for larger items.

4. Combine Cabinetry with an Island When Space Allows

Certain sizes of Pullman kitchens allow for the insertion of a work island. Do not waste this space on the island by omitting storage. Instead, add cabinets on at least one side of the island.

5. Install Standard-Sized Appliances

On top of our other suggestions, maximise kitchen cabinet space in your Pullman kitchen layout by installing standard-sized appliances rather than large-sized ones. Even though you love those commercial stoves, this is not the kitchen layout for them for just one example of what we mean. It will take up too much cabinet space and reduce your storage space and work area.

For reliable facts about how to maximise kitchen cabinet space in a Pullman kitchen layout, consult with DM Cabinets. We design, create and install highly functional, eye-catching kitchens, wardrobes, bathrooms, laundries and entertainment centres to make your home all that it can be for your daily living.

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