Say "Hello" To Your New Island Style Kitchen

July 26, 2016

When in search of a highly functional kitchen for your home, say 'hello' to your new island style kitchen. This style is simply one that includes an island in it. An island can serve a variety of purposes depending on your needs. To learn the different uses, amenities and other benefits of installing one of these elements in your kitchen, read the following facts.

Uses for Islands

Islands in kitchens can be for food prep, eating or a combination of both. They also can include additional storage for plates, utensils or other cooking equipment if necessary. Endless possibilities exist for the size, shape and setup of these islands. As far as shapes go, island come in oblongs, ovals, rectangles, squares and about any shape that you can dream up for your kitchen. Size will depend on the overall dimensions of the kitchen, and the setup is according to your preference.

Possible Amenities for Kitchen Islands

Your island kitchen can contain various amenities such as a sink or stove if you so desire, but it can also be just a work countertop for food prep. The underneath area may have drawers or shelved cabinets to enable you to expand your available storage in the kitchen. Owners of this island style kitchen also may opt for the countertop to overhang on one side of the island in order for family members to sit at the counter with the help of stools.

Islands are Compatible with a Wide Assortment of Kitchen Styles

You can design islands to blend with any house style that you happen to desire. Sleek and minimalist ones are ideal for modern houses while you can go as ornate as necessary for traditional or formal homes, and other styles are possible that fall in between these examples.

Benefits of Island Kitchens

The primary benefit of an island kitchen is its high level of functionality. After all, the island in part is an additional work surface or eating area no matter what else that you use it for in your kitchen. This style of kitchen also has deeper visual appeal with its unique setup that varies in each house. Since it provides these benefits, this style of kitchen increases the value of your home higher than a plain kitchen may when it does not contain an island.

Hire DM Cabinets to receive the island style kitchen that best suits your residence. We provide custom cabinets for your kitchen along with other parts of your house. Our company also guarantees that you will receive high-quality materials and workmanship with each project.

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