Simple Vanity Ideas for your Bathroom

June 5, 2015

One of the main focal points in a bathroom should be the vanity. In actuality, vanities are the ideal renovation to add to your bathroom décor. Their remarkable benefits enhance your bathroom by adding extra storage and highlighting your design. The perfect counter top and a cabinet underneath the sink will give your bathroom the ultimate touch.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing a vanity. For instance, the available space is an important factor. In addition, there are numerous types and styles.

Double Sink Vanities

A double sink vanity is the perfect design when you have a shared bathroom. It provides space for two people that can be used simultaneously. For decorating ideas you can add stylish arches that border the two sinks plus integrates them into one piece. You can also separate the two vessels with a makeup or shaving station.

Upgrading an Existing Vanity

To cut costs, you can upgrade an existing vanity and turn your bathroom into a masterpiece. Even a plain and tiny bathroom vanity can be made to look exquisite. For example, adding new hardware like bronze rubbed or gold will upgrade the vanity tenfold. A nice ceramic or marble top also adds a new fresh look. As well, add storage solutions like shallow wall cabinets or surface-mounted shelves.

Single Style Vanities

This style is great for small and narrow bathrooms that can be a challenge to decorate. A narrow vanity makes the most of your available space without feeling overcrowded. In addition, open shelving gives the bathroom a more airy and light feeling.

Open Style Vanities

An open style vanity offers extra storage and a light ambiance. With a hand towel rack and a few baskets underneath for bathroom linens, your bathroom is instantly renewed. An open style vanity works well in small bathrooms. The style is also versatile and can be contemporary, rustic or whatever you prefer.

Dresser Style Vanities

A dresser style vanity is the perfect solution if you want to blend the old with the new. The dresser has a multi-purpose function and serves as a sink and storage unit. In fact, it is a design concept that never grows old. The vanity can also provide a separate grooming area with extra functional space. As well, by utilizing an antique dresser, vessel sinks and the existing tile in your bathroom, you can keep this renovation within your budget.

L-Shaped Vanities

The L-shaped vanity sets neatly against the wall. It is a compact vanity that fits attractively in a corner and utilizes the wall as support. It is the ideal vanity for extra small bathrooms. Moreover, the faucets can be angled in the corner to create more counter space. As well, a towel bar can be attached to the open underside for extra convenience.

Vanity Customisations for Your Bathroom

When updating your bathroom with a vanity you want high quality, taste and cost effective solutions. And to assure that your vanity is of the highest standards, it is best to hire a professional.

At DM Cabinets, we have been in the cabinetry business for over 18 years and have an exceptional reputation. We are a renowned cabinet making company in the Victoria area. We strive for commitment and high quality in design, construction and installation. We are also 100% committed in creating the ideal vanity for your bathroom dreams.

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