Small and Simple Granny Flat Kitchen Ideas

December 11, 2017

Granny flats, previously known as "mother-in-law flats," now house grandparents, students, young working people and other relatives or boarders. Also called "accessory flats" or "in-law apartments," these granny suites may be completely separate from the main house on a residential property or attached to the main home. These mini-homes are usually built above the garage or in the backyard of an existing home, and they often are complete with a kitchen, a living room, one or even two bedrooms and a bath. Although of miniature size, these cozy little houses include the major conveniences to make them comfortable and livable. One room in a granny suite that requires careful planning in order to be easy to navigate and functional is the kitchen.

Some Small and Simple Granny Kitchen Decor Ideas

Kitchens in granny flats must be thoughtfully designed to include all the major appliances and accessories necessary for general food preparation. Since many of these small add-on homes do not have dining rooms, but instead are designed to include small dining nooks or kitchen counter bar areas for eating meals, furniture and built-in counter space must be compact and functional. Every available space is used for multiple purposes, and not an inch of room is wasted. Some savvy and practical, simple interior space savers to include in granny kitchen designs include the following:

  • Fold-Away Furniture. - Because space is a precious commodity in these mini-homes, countertops often fold against walls, and cabinets may swing out on wall supports for easy access, then swing back against the walls when not in use. Bar stools are often attached to holders beneath the bar for easy access whenever needed. Other space under bars and benchtops may be used to create storage cupboards, cabinets and shelves.
  • Small Size Appliances. - Kitchen appliances are compact in design with smaller dimensions than standard size refrigerators, freezers, ovens and dishwashers. Some granny flat kitchens have half-size fridges that fit conveniently beneath sinks, stovetops or counters. Stovetops may have two burners rather than four or six, and ovens may have half the baking or roasting space that normal ovens offer. While dishwashers may have capacity for washing half loads, freezers may also be limited in storage room.
  • Built-in Cooking Accessories. - Mini-appliances or portable kitchen accessories like coffee makers, electric blenders, choppers and juicers or mini-grills may be housed in customised wall nooks around the kitchen, wherever space allows. Easily reachable during snack and meal preparation, theses cooking accessories can be conveniently replaced for storage in their designated nooks and crannies.

By contacting the home design experts at DM Cabinets in Belmont, Victoria, you can receive top quality advice and suggestions for designing and building your granny flat kitchen. This experienced professional team will find space for and install all the small appliances and accessories your need. By designing customised cabinets, benchtops and other furnishings and decor, this team will make your small, charming kitchen a delightful, practical, attractive and functional food preparation and eating area for you, family and friends to use well and enjoy.

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