Small Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

May 17, 2016

Today, even the tiniest of kitchens can finally accommodate your needs. Plus, small kitchen cabinet ideas can make your home stand out. What is more, you can maximize your kitchen storage by utilizing a few useful options.

Abundant Cabinet Space

One of the best ways to add extra storage space is with multiple-shelf units. They are for standard front-access cabinets plus can be pulled out in order to have easy access to the back portion. When you open the door to this type of cabinet, the shelves directly behind will pull out automatically. So the back section that is usually kept in the corner will move into sight.

Storing Glasses and Dishes

How and where to store glasses and dishes can be a challenging task. One great option is to use shelves to hold your bowls and plates whereas have your cups hang on hooks from a rail. For a nice display, you can show off your dishes and goblets behind glass doors.

Multi-Purpose Drawer

Having two drawers in the space of one offers a good diversity for storage. For instance, one area can contain different sets of silverware while the other section can hold tools that help with meal preparation. For simple maneuverability, the upper section slides on runners that are mounted on the inside of the bottom drawer.

Large and Deep Drawers

If you have silverware with king-sized handles or have several pieces, it is best to have drawers that are large and deep in size. The best options are drawers with deep bins and have organizers. Another option is to equip the drawer with proper containers such as bread pans.

Underneath the Sink

Quite often, the area under the sink is misused and neglected. This is because plumbing generally gets in the way and is a challenge. Different options for extra storage are to have drawers that tilt, stacking shelves, door racks and plastic buckets for cleaning supplies.

Cooking Utensils

Small kitchen cabinet ideas should also include a place to store frequently used cooking utensils. The ultimate solution is to store the items in a large and wide canister near the stove or baking area.

Knife Storage

For the perfectly designed kitchen, knives should be stored near where you cook and prepare food. A storage rack that pulls down from the upper cabinet near the prep area is the ideal location for your knives. As well, they are easily stored and kept out of the reach of your children. Another way to store knives is to fit the rack between cabinets. Not only is this a convenient location but it makes use of an area that is normally covered over with a filler.

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