Small Spaced Laundry Room Design Ideas

May 11, 2017

Having a small spaced laundry room is a common issue for many people. And if you are unable to renovate or make structural changes, rest assured that you do have options to make it a workable space.

If you are in the position of renovating or building your current home, you should definitely think about what you want within the laundry area. Storage space, a space to fold, and surfaces that are easy to clean are three of the most important things to consider. You'll want something that is easy to maintain and navigate.

Storage Tips

Although the space might be small, there are almost always methods to increase the storage capabilities. Some of these can include:

  • Installing cabinetry to a bare wall
  • Utilising wall space for open shelving
  • Invest in a stackable washer/dryer unit to make the most of the floor space


Making the room seem bright and airy can go a long way toward creating the illusion of more space. Paint the room in light, neutral colors. If you're going to install cabinetry, avoid dark wood. Instead, go with a natural light wood look or paint the cabinetry white. This will make the room seem a bit more spacious.

If renovation is at all possible, see if you can get a small sink installed within the room. A contractor can usually do this for you. And it definitely adds a level of convenience for washing items that can't be put in the washer or dryer. Another option is to add a drying rack. There are racks that can be placed under a cabinet or shelf or attached to the wall.

While doing the laundry isn't the liveliest tasks, it is a requirement for most of us. And although it would be nice to have a whole room to dedicate the chore to that is just not an option for many people. But having a small space laundry isn't the end of the world. With a little bit of creativity and design, you can make even the smallest of spaces work for your needs.

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